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7 Fun Family Holiday Activity Ideas

The holidays are emotionally charged periods in the life of an individual. It can get busy to shop for gifts, plan trips, or do something that every single member of the family can enjoy. It’s a logistic challenge in its own right. Good thing, there are many fun activities you can try. Here are some ideas you can consider to bring the family closer this holiday season:

Do Physical Activities

The winter holidays mean that you can visit a resort and go skiing, which is a unique activity that can help burn some calories. On top of family bonding, you can wear your newly purchased Obermeyer ski pants in this particular season. Ski vacations are rare in the sense that they highly depend on the weather’s condition. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a snowstorm, right?

Redecorate Your Home

If you are not planning to go out of town, home redecoration may be an option. Now is a good time to decide on color palettes or how the house should look like since everyone can weigh in and improve the atmosphere of the home together.

Check with your family members if this is something they will enjoy. One or two of them may be extra creative and have a good eye for design, and this will work to your advantage. It makes the decoration process even more memorable than hiring a professional to do all the work.

Bake Together

Hitting the kitchen is also fun. Having a family cookout or baking activity can add up to the warm and happy memories that you will have with the entire family. Try new recipes together and enjoy the meal immediately after. This does not cost much, but the bonding memories from buying groceries to producing the meals is priceless and can last a lifetime.

Have Movie Marathon on Streaming Services

Take a chill pill from all the festivities and pop in some nice Christmas classics on Netflix or any other streaming service. It’s a good time to introduce the classic favorites to your younger kids if they are old enough to appreciate a good movie or two.

Watch a Play or Performance

A trip to the theater may be a fun way to create new happy memories. Watch a play or another form of performance and it will leave you all with a multi-sensory experience for each family member.

Have a Family Painting Commission or Family Portrait

Have a souvenir and a family experience rolled into one with a family portrait. Have it done by an artist or just get a professional photographer to do it, depending on your preference.


kids volunteering in planting trees

The spirit of the holidays can be manifested more with the spirit of volunteering for a good cause. You can check out homeless shelters near you or within your community area. This is also a good time to teach kids to give back and be thankful for your blessings.

Each family has a unique way of celebrating the holidays. Let your family’s unique interests shape your family traditions for the holidays. And don’t forget to take a lot of pictures for safekeeping of these precious memories with the ones you love.

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