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A Guide to Documenting and Sharing Your Honeymoon on Social Media

Your wedding, and the subsequent honeymoon, is right around the corner. With these events come a slew of experiences to be had and memories to be made.

If you’re going somewhere picturesque, like in Minnesota for your country wedding venue or the Caribbean Islands for your honeymoon, you will surely have a lot of stunning photos to share with your family and friends online.

However, there’s also the dilemma of just how much of your wedding and your honeymoon you should document without cutting into your private time with your new spouse. And, there’s the question of just how many photos you can post on your Instagram account without driving your followers crazy.

So, before you’re whisked away to your beautiful honeymoon destination, consider our guide to documenting and sharing your honeymoon below.

What You Need to Get Great Photos

Whether you’re the post-every-moment-to-Instagram kind of gal or you’re more of a post-an-aesthetic-picture-once-a-month user, there’s one goal when it comes to documenting your honeymoon: take great photos. You can only ever have one real honeymoon and your time can’t ever be recreated, so why not take snapshots that you’d be proud to display at home?

For this, you’ll need two main pieces of equipment: a phone with a great camera or a DSLR cam, and a tripod. These will be your best friends when you’re by the beach or in front of the Eiffel Tower during your honeymoon and you need a picture of both you and your spouse.

What and When to Document

Deciding when to take photos and what to take photos of should be a conversation between you and your other half. Are you both okay with stopping for photos whenever and wherever? Or would you rather take one photo then live in the moment?

When in doubt, though, document everything you find interesting. Not everything should make it online, but you don’t want to miss the chance to take a picture of something that made you happy or excited just because you’re trying to limit your snapshots.

What and When to Share on Social Media

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Instagram was created as a platform for sharing snapshots of your life with people who follow and interact with you there. So, when thinking about what to post, consider which part of your life you’d like to let your followers in on, as well as what content you think they’d love to see from you.

If your follower list is mostly friends and family, photos of you and your spouse together make for great posts. Showcase your beautiful moments since they’re a great and efficient way to communicate to your loved ones that you’re enjoying married life.

Once you have awesome pictures picked out, the next question is when to post them. Since you’re on an adventure with your new partner in life, it might be best to leave the posting for later. Say, when you have some downtime taking the train from one city to another or you’re waiting in line for something. You can even leave everything unshared until you’re back home and not  risk missing something beautiful because you’re on your phone.

Hopefully, these tips will help you create wonderful and truly meaningful experiences while you’re on your honeymoon. Not only will you end up with fantastic photos to share, but you’ll also have something to look back on whenever you want.

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