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An Insight into Massage Therapies for Your Mental Well-being

Even with the rising levels of depression and other mental health conditions worldwide, few people can think of a massage as their best treatment approach. They will ordinarily reach for time-consuming and costly conventional therapies to promote their mental health.

The term massage is a general one that refers to the manipulation of your tendons, ligaments, muscles, and skin using the forearms, fingers and sometimes feet and elbows. This manipulation generates a mind-body connection that will leave you refreshed and your brain clear.

Visiting a massage therapist based in Pleasant Grove might be just what gets you out of a mental health disorder and allows you to live your full life. Your visit starts with a discussion on what you want to achieve out of the session.

This way, the masseuse can tailor your massage to meet your needs and pick the right massage technique to maximize your benefits. Here are the popular massage types for the promotion of mental well-being.

Swedish Massage

This involves the use of circular movements, long smooth strokes, and kneading on your superficial muscle layers. The massage is done using massage oil or lotion. A Swedish massage is relaxing and generally the recommended one for those who have never had a massage before.

Other than the relief of mental stress, the massage reduces muscle tension and pain and boost blood circulation. The deep tissue massage technique closely resembles a Swedish massage. The strokes used in this case are, however, more intense compared to those in a Swedish massage.

The deep tissue massage is thus used to relieve sore muscles and release muscle knots.

Aromatherapy Massage


This uses scented plant oils of one or several types known as essential oils. These oils will generate different desired effects. If, for instance, your aromatherapy massage is meant to alleviate your stress, lavender is the often-used oil in your session.

Aromatherapy has been proven to be particularly effective for the relief of stress and other conditions that have an emotional impact.

Hot Stone Massage

This technique uses smooth, heated stones placed on different parts of your body to generate different effects. Depending on the points of the stones’ placement, the massage can balance your energy centers and relieve tired and sore muscles.

At times the therapist applies gentle pressure on the stones to heighten their benefits. The warmth from the stones is comforting rather than painful. A hot stone massage is thus the best choice for people who prefer a light massage technique.

Thai Massage

This realigns your body’s energy centers using the application of gentle pressure along with specific body points. The therapist will also use gentle stretches and compressions to generate different postures that ease the stress on your mind and leave your feeling less stressed.  A Thai massage will also increase your range of motion.

The benefits of the above massage techniques are cumulative and comprehensive. This means that if you stick to a regular massage schedule, the benefits of your sessions will last longer. Even so, before the start of your session, let your therapist know of any medical conditions you have to avoid aggravating them.

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