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Backyard Makeover: Four Ideas You’ll Love

Backyards are rarely just for gardening. For most homeowners, they are an extension of their living spaces. In fact, you’ll find most of the indoor spaces in backyards: a functional kitchen in one corner, an entertainment lounge in another, and then a relaxation area tucked in the garden.
While it’s easy to decide on which spaces to add in your yard, making them distinct can be a bit of a challenge. Unlike indoors, you don’t have walls separating one area from another. But, there are many ways you can divide spaces subtly and creatively.

Use different colors

Inside your home, you use different paint colors or wallpapers to distinguish rooms. Outdoors, you do the same — only this time, you “color” the area using plants. Utilize differences in the color palettes to mark specific zones in your yard.
For example, the play area may have jolly, bright sunflowers, while your outdoor dining can be surrounded with perfectly trimmed boxwood shrubs. Be mindful of the function of the space, so you can select hues that will emphasize that. You don’t want bold, wild hues in your relaxation nook, do you?

Create an arch, trellis, or doorway

These kinds of partitions not only divide areas but also give people the feeling that they are moving into a new zone when they go through it. One way you can add interest to this outdoor feature is to decorate it with climbing plants. Pick those that offer pops of color to emphasize this area better.

A similar option to arches and doorways is a fence. There’s a wide range of material options out there, so you can easily find something that matches the overall feel of your backyard. If you’re going for a minimalist, modern vibe, a black metal fence is a great option. For a rural, country feel, a timber fence will be the perfect addition.

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Level the floor up (or down)

A change in floor level can instantly mark a change in the space. An elevated deck can very well be your dining area, a strategic choice in that you can easily monitor the kids swinging and sliding at the play area.

Meanwhile, a sunken pit can be your entertainment lounge where you can host smores nights with friends and family. Prioritize comfortable seating to nail the chill and laidback vibe. Use indoor design touches as well, like carpets, throw pillows, and vases. Make sure, though, that they can withstand harsh weather elements.

Include a water feature

Fountains, water walls, and little ponds are a common sight in outdoor living spaces. They are, however, often used as mere ornaments to a garden. What most homeowners overlook is that these can also serve as partitions, sectioning off areas in the backyard.
You can strategically place them in between your dining area and relaxation nook. Not only will it give you the privacy you need but also the peace and quiet that comes with the calming movement of water.
Have you decided which spaces to include in your backyard? If you already have, section them off by trying out these clever ideas. Guaranteed, you’ll pull off a gorgeous and highly functional yard.

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