Bathroom Renovation: Save Space, Money, and Time

No matter how great you think your bathroom is, you can always make it better. Today, a better bathroom isn’t just defined with a sleek aesthetic or luxurious amenities; it’s also determined by how economical and functional it is for any number of people living under the same roof.

Big or small, your bathroom’s features must always save water, power, and space. Renovations can be costly, but they’re worthwhile investments. If you want to save time and effort, bathroom remodeling jobs in Brisbane can be outsourced to contracting companies with years of renovation expertise.

Here’s how you can make your bathroom more efficient:

Saving space

When renovating your bathroom, you can install recessed shelves along your shower wall or above the toilet to maximize your wall’s vertical space. To reduce the space it consumes, you can replace pivoting shower doors with sliding glass doors or double shower drapes. Instead of having two, you can install double-headed sink faucets and wide beveled sinks so that more people can use them at the same time. You can also extend your vanities to reach awkward corner spaces.

Add a large mirror opposite your vanity to create the illusion of a large bathroom. Paint the walls a pale hue so that the bathroom looks more appealing and spacious.

Saving water

fixing faucet

Install aerators in your faucet heads. These are made of mesh screens that dilute the stream of water to reduce volume flow while maintaining a high-pressure wash.

Replace your toilet with a low-flush model to cut the amount of water you use for every flush. You can also opt for dry sanitation systems like waterless toilets over a traditional septic tank system. However, this will largely depend on your lifestyle.

Also, tubs are notorious water wasters, using about double the amount compared to a regular shower. If you like to keep yours, opt for a water-saving bathtub. You should also install low-flow showerheads that work like faucet aerators.

Saving power

Saving energy inside your bathroom involves evaluating three things: the temperature, the lighting, and your daily usage.

Bathroom walls aren’t usually insulated. This might cause you to spend more on heating when the cold weather comes. Consider installing R-30 to R-60 insulation on your bathroom’s exterior walls beneath the tiles.

In terms of lighting, the most natural solution is to install more ventilation in your bathroom. A skylight or awning window will let a lot of light into your bathroom suitably. Also, make sure to use LED bulbs and motion timers or sensors so that the light turns on or off automatically.

Lastly, use your electrical devices intelligently. Invest only in energy-efficient appliances for your bathroom fan, water heater, and grooming devices like blow dryers and curlers.

Ensuring safety

Finally, given that bathrooms are statistically the most accident-prone area in your house, you must take every measure in keeping them safe.

Remodel vanities to have curved edges instead of sharp square edges. Fit in a shower bench so that you won’t wobble while reaching your feet. Use non-slip tile designs that give you excellent traction when walking while your feet are still wet. You can use dry rubberized mats, too.

If you have an elderly family member, consider installing handlebars beside your toilet for support. Install bars, hooks, and round holders wherever you can for grip assistance and additional space for hanging towels and clothes.

If you want to safeguard your kids, install a secure medicine cabinet to your sink mirror and keep your electrical devices tucked inside your vanity.

If you follow these suggestions, your bathroom will be a true sanctuary for Mother Nature and everyone in the household!

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