Before Walking Down the Aisle: Things You Should NEVER Do After Getting Engaged

You’ve been waiting for this big moment for a long time, and now, it’s finally here. You got the ring, and soon you’ll be walking down the aisle and exchanging vows with the love of your life. Everything feels surreal, and you want to hold on to that blissful feeling for as long as possible.  But you know the weeks following that big “Yes!” moment are going to be anything but tranquil.

You have a long list of things to plan, people to contact, and important tasks to get done before the wedding day. It can be a little overwhelming, but be careful not to fall on wedding planning traps. Step on the brakes and remember the following:

If it doesn’t fit right, do not wear that ring

man putting the engagement ring to woman's hand

Often, brides-to-be are too excited to flaunt their new rocks that they tend to ignore the fact that the ring might not fit right. It’s that all-important ring, so make sure it’s the right size. If you’re planning to have your wedding bands customized, get your engagement ring resized at the same time. Getting a ring resized doesn’t take too long. You’ll have your new favorite jewelry back in no time.

Don’t post it on social media before informing your family

man proposing to a woman in their romantic date

Many couples tend to share the news on social media before letting their closest friends and family know first. This happens a lot more often than you can imagine. Of course, how and to whom you want to share your engagement is all up to you. But, you wouldn’t want your parents and siblings to find out about your engagement from a neighbor who saw your ring selfie on Instagram. Keep the secret for as long as you can until you finally have the chance to tell your loved ones in person. It makes it a lot more special.

Don’t make promises you can never keep

Even if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, you don’t have to say yes to everything, such as who should be invited to your big day. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can sort everything out later. It’s only going to be more difficult. So, during the first few weeks of your engagement, just try not to commit to a single thing. It can be hard to evade all the questions thrown at you once the news is out, so be ready with that vague one-liner you can give anyone who makes inquiries about your wedding plans. Don’t make any solid commitments when it’s still too early.

Don’t skip the money talk

Talking about money can be awkward. But before you can move forward with any of your wedding plans, this is a discussion that needs to happen, whether it’s between you and your soon-to-be spouse, or you, your fiancé, and your parents. Keep in mind that marriage and money matters go hand in hand, and seeing eye to eye on financial issues may be easier said than done.

One easy way to avoid all these mistakes is to take a breather after the day of engagement. Take a week or two to let the happy news sink in and just savor the moment.

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