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Best Makeover Ideas for Your Backyard

Are you ignoring your backyard?

It’s natural to focus on house interiors. Still, don’t forget about fixing up your backyard. If you do, then you’re making a huge mistake.

A backyard has so much potential. It can be maximized to expand a home’s livable square footage and improve resale value. You and your family can have so much fun in your backyard. It’s only a matter of finding the right projects that you can work on.

Here are some simple projects that you can do to makeover a neglected backyard.

Spruce It Up

The simplest and cheapest backyard improvement project is to tidy up space. Clear away the debris and all the things that are making your yard look old and neglected.

Mow the grass, pull up weeds, and trim overgrown bushes and branches. Don’t throw away the yard trimmings! Use these to make compost, instead. You’d be surprised at how much improvement these can make.

Get a Pool

One of the things that you can do to improve a backyard is to build a pool. Some are more expensive than others, but there are ways to bring down costs.

There are different types of pools that you can get. Pools are usually made from concrete or vinyl. Fiberglass pools in Utah and other states are rising in popularity as a cheaper but just as durable option.

Building pools are always expensive projects. When you consider the amount of fun and return on investment that it offers, though, it’s well worth it.

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Install a Patio

Consider building a patio or deck if you don’t have one yet. Patios are great for even grounds while decks work for sloping backyards. Patios are easier to install, but a deck may give you a better ROI. Consult with professionals on which option is better for your backyard.

If you have either one already, make sure to check its condition. Wooden patios and decks need proper treatment and regular maintenance for a longer lifespan.

Make an Outdoor Living Room

Patios and decks and be easily transformed into an outdoor living room. Adding a patio cover takes the area to the next level. The cover will keep your furniture safe from rain and excessive sunlight. It also lets you add non-waterproof outdoor furniture and make it as comfortable as your indoor living room.

Create a Theme Garden

A theme garden can be a great makeover for your backyard. There are so many sources of inspiration for the themes of your garden. A rose garden and an herb garden are common themed garden examples.

Put in a Built-in BBQ

Another popular backyard improvement project is to build a built-in barbecue. A garden barbecue space would also go well with a patio or outdoor living area. You can even build a full outdoor kitchen if space allows.

These are only a few backyard makeover ideas that you can do. DIY projects are fun to do with the whole family and cost less. Still, don’t hesitate to get professional help on bigger projects to get the backyard you deserve.

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