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Creating Your Personal Man Cave at Home

A man cave is a man’s personal space inside a home. Cambridge Dictionary states that a man cave is a place where a guy can get away for a while. Usually, a man cave is a place where the guy can do his hobbies; it also reflects his personal taste.

The Business Insider shares some photos of extravagant man caves in the U.S. If you wish to have your man cave, here are some ideas to get you started.

Where to Put a Man Cave

A man cave can be located anywhere available in your home. Let’s take a look at some common locations that can be turned into your man cave.


When you think of a cave, you associate it with something dark and underground. We usually associate these characteristics with basements, too. Why not turn your basement into a man cave then?

It doesn’t have to be dark and dingy though. By hiring a reliable basement contractor, your basement can turn into a personal space that wows each of your friends. Adding in decors and styling it according to your taste can turn an ordinary basement into your own private space.

The Attic

Usually, the attic is an untouched part of the house. It turns either into a dusty storage space or is just left forgotten. Hence, if you have an attic, utilize that unused extra space. By turning it into a man cave, you’ll find a private space in your home.


If you’re a guy, you’re probably frequenting the garage more than any part of your home. For some guys, it’s because this is where their next favorite thing, cars, are located. The New Yorker, however, states that garages have turned into more than a house for cars. For most American homes, garages have become storage spaces, offices, and even man caves.

You’re probably already using your garage as a man cave and you don’t even know it. To make it even better, why not turn it into a home gym or an art studio. The sky is the limit, as long as there is available space.

Patio or Backyard

A man cave does not have to be inside a four-cornered room. You can take it outside, too. Turning your patio or backyard into a man cave allows you to grill some meat while drinking some beers. It will also allow you to enjoy the great weather with the company of your friends.


If you really want some privacy, why not build a small shed a few inches away from your house. By having a separate space from the house, you and your friends can get rowdy without disturbing the rest of the members of the family.

Man Cave Themes

Your man cave is your space. Therefore, you can choose whichever theme you like. Your theme can be something connected to your hobbies and interests. Here are some ideas you can consider when creating your man cave.

wine room basement

Basement Bar

Most men just want to relax with a cold drink. Therefore, why not turn your basement into a bar? When creating a basement bar, a full stock of alcohol is essential. Buy your favorite spirits and mixers and impress your friends with the cocktails you created. Add in some stools to complete that bar look.

Don’t forget the refrigerator for storing your drinks. Nothing beats a refreshing, cold drink. Also, remember to build a sink so you don’t have to go upstairs just to clean up your used glasses.

Wine Room

Some guys appreciate a good wine. Why not use your man cave as a wine room and unleash your inner sommelier? A cool, humid basement will make for a good wine storage area. To complete the look of a wine cellar, add in some wine barrels that can serve as your table. Also, add in some stools ready for guests for your wine tasting sessions.

Whiskey and Cigar Room

If you’re a whiskey and cigar lover, converting an empty room into a lounge can fulfill your man cave dreams. A humidor is essential when building this man cave; it will help preserve your cigars. To complete the lounge look, add in some comfortable leather chairs and install low lights to enhance the ambiance.

Sports Room

When you’re sharing the television in the living room, it’s hard to compete for the remote control with the rest of the family. As a result, you can’t watch the game you’ve been looking forward to.

Having your own sports room can solve that. Just add a television or even better, a screen projector. Throw in some comfortable chairs, a fridge for cold drinks, and beers. You’re set to watch your favorite game with your buddies.

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