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Creative Railing Designs for Interior Staircases

Stairs in indoor spaces have been a part of properties for ages. Nowadays, however, the stairs do not just get people to the upper floors of your property. They also serve as interior design details that should match and uplift the décor you have chosen. To guarantee this happens, you should pay attention to the artistic details that make up your staircase. One of the critical details is the shape you choose for the stairs.

A spiral wooden or steel stair design might be the best choice for those aiming for an outstanding indoor element. This is made of handrails, treads, landings, and railings that can easily be customized to suit your design and environment. Spiral staircases also take up minimal floor space, making them the perfect option for those who do not want to cramp their interiors with broad stairs.

A few property owners, however, are apprehensive of the safety of spiral staircases. Most of the staircases nowadays, unlike in the past, have handrails that complement their exceptional designs while boosting stair safety. Here are a few artistic handrail ideas for spiral stairs.

Straight Post Railing

This is a traditional design option but complements virtually all decor styles. Though not as popular for those looking for a trendy choice for their property’s stairs, the straight post railing can be altered to fit your desired style. It is generally done in wood that can be painted or stained to match the unique details of your interiors.

Interlocking Pattern Rails

You can have a dynamic and interesting alternative for your railing with an interlocking pattern. The interlocking railing also has minimal spaces in between, and is thus an ideal choice for those looking for the safest railing for spiral stairs. Most interlocking styles have flat wooden boards installed over square spindles. The flat nature of the spindles allows the creation of diagonals that look like they are connecting in intricate patterns. You can try out different shapes to get what best accents your interiors.

Sunburst Rails

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You can enhance your diagonal spindles with a sunburst design. This features a solid semicircle along your stair panel’s bottom surrounded by diagonal spindles to create a shape that resembles the sun. The design can be tweaked for further customization.  The number of sunbursts in your railing will determine the coverage you get. More sunbursts, in general, provide more coverage and make your stairs safer.

Cable Rails

These are made from metal spindles. They give you a clear view of your interiors since their design is mostly open. This makes cable rails the ideal choice for complementing minimalist interior designs. The cables come in horizontal and vertical variants. None of them have an advantage over the other, and your decision will primarily be based on your preference.

You need not miss out on the exceptional design detail that a spiral staircase adds to interiors just because of safety concerns. With the above designs, you can customize rails according to the level of safety and aesthetics that you want. Even so, these rails should be professionally installed to ensure they comply with local regulations and are sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

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