Quality Time: Cultivate Strong Family Ties

Everyone has a hectic schedule. The days fly quickly as we juggle work and family obligations. Many parents fear that not spending enough time with their children may cause developmental problems. Some parents feel bad about working full-time or are anxious about going to the gym or having dinner with their spouses or children. Stay-at-home parents who can take their kids to the zoo or work on colors and the alphabet with them add to the worry.

Nevertheless, please don’t give up. New research in the Journal of Marriage and Family challenges the effect of mothers’ time with their children on academic performance, conduct, and emotional well-being. This is not to diminish the value of time spent with family but rather to emphasize the quality above quantity. Children require quality time with their parents and caregivers—that’s what’s most helpful to them and can help them develop. It’s not how much time you have but how you want to use it that counts. We may choose to spend meaningful time with our children as parents and carers.


It’s ideal for your kid to do something you both love. It may be time for Dad to take the infant with a family so that Mom may spend time with the elderly kid. This might be going to a movie, seeing Cinderella at the local stage, or simply sitting on a table in the park and chatting. You have the one-on-one time frequently, but the youngsters questioned indicated that it is minimal at least once a month. If you are a single mother of more than one kid, you may arrange it so that you can spend quality time with one of your children every Saturday and, as a family, the last Saturday of the month. Marking your calendar dates is a beautiful idea and tells your kids that you are prioritizing this time.

Engage in Crafts and Arts


You and your children or classmates are about to embark on a beautiful creating session. We offer a plethora of fascinating art and craft ideas for kids to develop, and you’ll discover inspiration for children of all ages and a variety of events. With these creative arts and crafts for kids’ plans and suggestions, children can have fun while also learning. Drawing, painting, sticking, creating, and making are beneficial to both the brain and the soul.

Get inspired with no-prep arts and crafts ideas and learning materials for your Arty Creative Kids that are fast and easy to do. Our painting and craft ideas are suitable for students and families of children of all ages and abilities. For example, baby handprint art and toddler craft projects are great ways to encourage creativity while also having fun. School artwork and activity ideas are also great ways to have fun while learning about art. But you can also look into an interesting craft subscription box for adults.

Create a Schedule That Includes “Together Time”

Children are naturally motivated to provide help when they see someone in need. Do you have a mailing that you need to send out? They should be tasked with the responsibility of putting the seals on the letters. Do you have a list of things to buy? Make grocery shopping a “fun time” activity for your family by including them in the process. Is it necessary for you to cook dinner? Accept their assistance in the preparation process by allowing them to provide feedback.

The kids will quickly learn to be your best helpers, and they will reflect on their time with their parents “before the meal” and remember that it was always a wonderful time. While it may be messier and take up more space initially, you will find that the kids will quickly learn to be your best helpers, and they will reflect and remember that “before the meal” was always a wonderful time with their parents.

Go on a Date

You and your partner may alternate spending time with your child to ensure that she gets enough attention. Set aside a day and ask your child to pick an activity so that the two of you may spend some quality time together. Would you mind making an effort to get them to speak with you? You will undoubtedly hear a great deal of information. When your spouse is spending time with them, you have the opportunity to do all the tasks you have been putting off.

It is the quality of time, rather than the amount of time, that determines meaningful relationships. Interact with your kid in ways that allow for your life and connection by keeping things simple. Each relationship has a long-term effect and gives your kid the protection and encouragement that they need.

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