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Spruce Up Your House with These Curated Design Tips

We spend so much time in our homes now that it is high time we redecorate and give our house the makeover it deserves. Pandemic or not, there’s no doubt that we love spending our time in beautiful and cozy homes. Whether you want to hire a remodeling contractor to change the way your house looks or just wish to have interior decor ideas, this article will help you freshen up your space.

Figure Out a Theme

Figuring out a theme for how you want your house to look is essential. This will give you direction in what kind of decor you’ll want to get. It also helps in keeping the design of your home consistent. Remember that your house resembles your personality and taste.

Invest in Lighting

If your house doesn’t have the best lighting, consider investing in it. Good lighting not only brightens the room but also improves your concentration and productivity. Not only that, but great lighting brings the best colors out of your decor. Perfect when you’re working from home. You can add fancy chandeliers or LED lights behind your bathroom mirrors. Just make sure the lighting is bright enough but not overpowering. Too much lighting can become too harsh on the eyes, which we do not want.

Use Colors That Will Help You, Not Burden You

Choosing the right paint can be difficult, especially when you’re met with a wide variety of color swatches. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right paint for your house.

  1. Match your paint with the color of your furniture.
  2. Pick a color that is within the theme you chose.
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match light and dark colors.
  4. Check if the color you’ve chosen fits the lighting your room has!

No. 4 is rather crucial because the lighting is everything when it comes to color. In addition, choose a color that you like. It would be best if you weren’t painting your house in a color you loathe.

You can also choose a color depending on the kind of mood you want your interiors to have. Here are a few colors to get started with:

  • Blue for a cool and calming effect.
  • Yellow for a warm and nostalgic feeling.
  • Red for excitement and boldness.
  • Brown for an earthy and natural look and feel.
  • White for minimalism, cleanliness, and versatility.

Use Your Wall as a Canvas

The walls of your house hold so much potential. They’re a blank canvas you can choose to play with. Don’t be afraid to add tapestry, pictures, paintings, or whatever wall decor you prefer. If you happen to be a bookworm, get yourself some wall shelves place some books along with some small plants to make it look chic.

Experiment with Textures

Adding texture to your space stimulates the senses. It is inviting and tactile. You can do this by changing your cushion’s case into something more velvety or by introducing a carpet/rug.

Maximize Your Space

Maximizing your space is key. We don’t want our space to look too stuffy or cluttered. Try investing in space-saving furniture such as an under-the-stairs cabinet. You can also invest in convertible tabletops or ottomans that double as a storage box for your living room.

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Throw in Some Metals

Mixing metals in your home interior can give out a fancy or bespoke vibe. It also makes everything look expensive. So consider investing in some metal like your light switches, stair railings, gold-plated liquor carts. Feel free to experiment.

Add Some Greens

Add some plants to your house. Plants give off a sense of calm and life around them. Don’t be afraid to decorate with plants at the corners of your home or have a succulent as a centerpiece for your table.

Invest in Humidifiers

Humidifiers help improve the air quality in your home. At the same time, they can also be infused with your favorite scents! Making your home smell great can improve its conduciveness and helps you feel more relaxed through aromatherapy.

Revamping Doesn’t Mean Everything Has to Be Expensive

A tip for redecorating. Decorating your space does not mean everything has to be expensive. There are many beautiful pieces of decor out there that are cheap yet look like you bought them from a vintage auction. Don’t be afraid to be resourceful.

Overall, get creative, and don’t forget to be playful around your decor. Your home should be a comfortable and familiar space for you to stay. Do not be afraid to go all out or be minimalistic.

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