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Events 101 Checklist: What You Need to Set Up for Hosting the Perfect Event

There are many types of events you could host, whether you plan to do this as a side gig or if you want to be a full-time event planner. And whatever kind of event you want to focus on — weddings, corporate, or simple family parties —, there’s a constant list of suppliers you need.

For instance, audiovisual (AV) equipment rentals are popular, whether the event is in Utah or New York. Food caterers and furniture rentals are also the go-to suppliers for many events. To help you plan your next event, here are the basic supplies you need to have:

The venue

No event can take place unless you have the venue locked down. Depending on your goals and budget, it’s crucial to have at least three to five options. Reserve the chosen venue at least three months before your event, so you can prepare for any unforeseen incidents that may occur. You have ample time to cancel or to look for another venue should the place deem unusable for whatever reason.

It’s also important to get a venue that has contingency plans when it rains. See if the place provides tents or if they have a covered area you could move into should a hurricane arrive. It’s a huge bonus if the venue has its team of suppliers already. That eliminates the need to look for other rentals, such as tables and chairs and caterers.

Audiovisual equipment

Another thing that makes or breaks an event is the music and audiovisual equipment. Apart from the food, the ultimate buzzkill is if your event doesn’t have the right music, if your microphones are busted, or if you can’t project your content properly against a screen. Corporate events or workshops require quality AVs since speakers need to be heard clearly, and their audience, including those in the back, needs to see video presentations/slides with ease.

Weddings probably have the most to bank on when it comes to the quality of your audiovisuals since you need your same-day video edits projected, and what else do people do at weddings? Dance, of course! Make sure to test the rentals beforehand, and if they can bring in someone who can assist you with the equipment, all the better.

Food and catering

chefs cookingThis is a no-brainer since food is another non-negotiable when it comes to hosting a successful event. Make sure to give your RSVPs strict deadlines, so you can determine the final headcount and avoid wastage. It’s always best to have an appetizer (whether it’s a light portion or a soup), the main course, and of course, a dessert on the menu.

Whether you choose to present the food in buffet style or ala carte, these three things must be in place. Have some variety as well for the main course: say, one portion that’s beef, and another that’s chicken or fish.

Another key detail to remember is to make sure you’ve asked your guests if any of them have allergies, are vegetarians, or vegans, or follow a strict diet. You can ask your caterer to prepare a separate menu for them. Also, it’s best to have at least two dishes that apply to any diet to save time.

The host

Another factor that can affect the outcome of your event is an effective and charismatic host. You may choose to do this yourself. But hiring a host would give you the ability to make sure your event runs smoothly. Imagine having to host it, and then making sure the food is served on time, and your audiovisuals are working as well. To save yourself the time and effort, have someone else host the event, so you can take care of things as they happen.

Most people underestimate what can and cannot happen in events. But having these four things locked down will somehow alleviate the stress and can help you prepare further for what could happen during your event.

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