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Family solicitors in Portsmouth

Family law can be a delicate process and no matter what arrangements need to be made it has to be done within the law and with as much tact as can be applied to all parties involved so that everyone is handled and treated with dignity and respect. The clients of family solicitors in Portsmouth will be represented in all areas with the utmost professionalism and care so that their experience from everything relating to before the marriage to after will be done so with as little hardship as can be managed. Attorneys are there to see to it that their clients don’t get hard done by in family matters and that everything is handled within the law of the UK.

What family law entails

Arrangements before marriage – No one starts out their marriage planning to get divorced, but unfortunately it can happen and it is best to have a plan in place for if it does. Arrangements like a prenuptial agreement can be set in place before an official marriage contract is signed between two parties. This prenup sets out what is likely to happen in the case of a divorce and how assets will be divided between the couple so that the two may come to an amicable agreement easier.

Divorce and separation – This is a long-practiced section of the law that is oftentimes difficult for all parties involved and solicitors not only want the best for their clients but need to make sure that their clients are treated fairly and justly on the bases of their prenup. However, should a prenup or postnup not exist between the partners then the attorney at law is there to ensure that their clients come out of the proceedings having been given what they deserve in terms of what happened in the marriage, why it broke down and the accumulation of assets during the time of the marriage. It is seldom found that divorce is straightforward but having an attorney handle the case is the best way to see it through.


Children are always represented within their own best interests, above that even of their parents and a solicitor will act according to those interests no matter which side their client is on. All relationships and couples are different but the law is firm when it comes to children and what suits them in the case of a divorce.

Unmarried partners, civil partnerships and cohabitation

Arrangements can be made for all such instances of people living together so that should a separation of some kind occur, the interest of the client is upheld in court and an agreement or order can be reached in terms of assets and property.

International and cross-border disputes

In the case of a partner leaving the UK before divorce or separation is settled upon, the solicitors will be able to handle such disputes across borders without their client having to travel.

Financial planning

coins and bills

Setting aside money for the future is an important part of marriage and even other partnerships and while divorce contracts may define who gets what and how much, having a solid financial plan for the future of a partnership can help prepare for a stable future.

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