Finding Peace and Happiness Today

Covid-19 was an unmitigated catastrophe. This disease has not only brought havoc to our health but has also affected our mental well-being. It may be difficult to see anything good about Covid-19. But there is a silver lining to this pandemic.

The bright side about the Covid-19 is that we have learned how to be grateful again. After such a terrible year, the ability to see the good things in life is what will help us get through another year.

If you are having a hard time seeing these good things, you should listen to us carefully. The following steps will change your life and how you view it. This will eventually lead to your happiness.


In a world surrounded by chaos, Covid-19 has brought some semblance of silence. Factories were closed. A handful of vehicles were on the road. But this silence was not followed with peace.

On the contrary, Covid-19 triggered so much fear. This apprehension was well-grounded. Some people fought this despair with yoga.

Yoga is not some Hindu mumbo jumbo. But there is scientific evidence proving it is beneficial. Practicing yoga will help you become physically healthy and mentally fit. This is why some drug treatment centers incorporate yoga into their therapy sessions.

The practice of yoga is not limited to adults. If you are a parent, you can ask your little ones to join you. Yoga will not only calm them down. But it will help them concentrate better.



We often take sleep for granted. We often say that we have too much to do. But we will soon find it hard to concentrate because of sleep deprivation. When we have enough sleep, our bodies can fully recover from physical and mental exhaustion.

Studies show the different bad effects of sleep deprivation. Weight gain is another negative outcome of not having enough sleep. Scientific research highlighted the correlation between obesity and sleep deprivation.

Sleep-deprived people have bigger appetites than those who had enough sleep. When we do not have enough sleep, our body releases more ghrelin. This hormone is responsible for sending hunger signals to our brains.

Other than obesity, people who have inadequate sleep are at more risk of heart ailments and stroke. They are most likely to suffer from depression.

Positive Thinking

We have to admit that this is a difficult thing to do, especially with Covid. But you have to exert extra effort to think about the positive things in your life. You can start by being thankful for the gift of life.

When you start your day, you have to be thankful for the brand-new day. You should remember that there were a lot of people who lost their lives because of Covid. You can also be thankful for the medical advances that have somehow lifted the pandemic restrictions.

It is not enough that you enumerate these things. But you have to be truly grateful for these gifts. As you do this, you will start your day with a new lease on life. You will begin with a light heart.

Offscreen Breaks

We should also be grateful for social media. This has kept us connected with our loved ones even with the distance between us. But it can also harm our mental health.

People often use their social media as a platform to air their grievances. But this can lead to more stress as we are exposed to our friends’ complaints. Little by little, the small amount of stress will lead to greater anxiety.

Why not take an offscreen break? You can take this time to talk with your loved ones about their day. Doing this will strengthen your relationship.

You can also choose to journalize instead of immersing yourself in social media. Keeping a journal or a diary is said to increase your IQ and EQ. It will also boost your memory.

Writing in your diary or journal will relieve you of your stress. Thus, it lessens your anxiety.

When you write in your journal, you should not limit it to the bad things that happened during the day. You must include your dreams. By doing this, your subconscious mind will find ways of attaining your goals.

You have to find happiness in any way that you can. It is a difficult task. But you will find it easier as you do it regularly.

Doing this will help you get through the pandemic. It will also give you the reason to continue living. As you continue to find happiness, you will become a better person. Then your joy will spread within your circle.

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