Freelance Jobs and Businesses Teenagers Can Start

Teens commonly work part-time jobs at fast-food chains, but if you want something which allows you to control your time and exercise your strengths, a freelance job might be more suitable for you. You can also start a business if being your own boss appeals to you more. Even as a teen, you can have a wide variety of career options. It gives you a clear start on the career path you envision yourself taking as an adult.

Mind that working freelance or as a business owner has its own risks and heavier responsibilities than simply working part-time. You have to pay your taxes yourself, set your own working hours, rate, etc. You'd be looking for own clients as well, so you have to be confident in marketing your skills.

That said, let's explore your business and freelance career options as a teen:

1.Online Seller

Since many people are already hooked in online shopping, might as well try your luck in the industry. If you have an amazing talent for designing clothing, for example, try to launch your own brand and sell your designs. You can also sell your artwork, crafts, and pre-loved items. 

2. Food Business

If your own recipe of a dessert or dish has gained fame around your campus, consider expanding by selling your food products. You can even sell them online, too, if leasing space would be a problem.

3. Digital Services

Many companies are looking for virtual assistants and remote employees, so if you have an impressive talent in web or graphic design, programming, video and photo editing, audio editing, social media management, or virtual support, you might be noticed and hired by a good employer, so submit your updated resume to various companies.

4. Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist

If your school offers cosmetology programs, you can already consider that as your formal training for hair styling. As for makeup, many people are self-taught, so you can worm your way into the industry even without going to a beauty school. But if you want to be a professional hairstylist as well, you have to obtain a license, which can only be granted to you if you have a diploma in cosmetology from a state-approved beauty school.

Being a hair and makeup artist as a teen is surely exciting, but you need to invest in high-quality hair styling tools and makeup products.

5. App Business

Many schools offer app development courses, so if this is your forte, you should definitely expand your knowledge and skills by participating in the courses. The apps you'd develop can be useful for doing business, so consider apps that are greatly beneficial for students.

6. Online Influencer

If you have the personality for it, why not try your luck on YouTube or Instagram? It's intimidating, but once you try it and become confident, it'll be an exhilarating road ahead. Practice being comfortable in front of the camera, and just talk about the things that you love, or show off your exceptional talents. If you're on the shyer side but would still love to have a huge online following, you can go for blogging, and get your website promoted by big-time influencers.

These jobs and businesses might sound simple, but you can earn a fortune from them if you work hard and continuously improve your talents and skills. Maybe you'd discover one day that your freelance job or business is your true calling. That way, you can start building your wealth at a young age and achieve more amazing milestones.

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