Home (Secured) Home: Tips for New Movers

When moving into a new house, people commonly want to settle in fast and try to feel comfortable living in their new homes. What new movers should not forget, however, is ensuring their abode is secure and safe from prying eyes.

According to Statista Research, burglary in the U.S. was the third most common type of crime back in 2018, which shows how ill-prepared many Americans when it comes to preventing housebreaking attack. Your home is where you should feel safe and comfortable.

But ensuring home security is more than just setting up a burglar alarm or if you have extra cash, a CCTV system. Good thing there are several ways to secure your property and protect your home from burglary. Here are plenty of options you can do to upgrade your home’s security:

Keep prying eyes away

One of the first things new movers should do is to create privacy. You don’t want people out in the streets to easily see what you’re doing in your living room or bedroom. Burglars might use that opportunity to plan their moves and know when to break in.

Fortunately, you can keep prying eyes away by installing blinds, shutters or even curtains. According to window treatment services professionals, they can do a lot in maintaining privacy in your home and at the same time, improve the looks of your interiors.

Your home is where you should feel safe and comfortable. With these tips, you can rest easier now and enjoy every corner.

Light up the outdoors


By having enough lighting in your property, you can discourage burglars from even attempting to break in your home. Make sure you have adequate lighting in your front and backyard. Place lighting fixtures as well in areas where thieves can enter like the garage or windows on the first floor.

If you’re conscious about the energy cost, you can try using LED lights that don’t consume energy that much.

Trim down trees and plants

It’s also good to trim down trees, especially if they’re near the windows. Plants and trees can be used as hiding places for burglars. If you still want greeneries on your property, plant them farther away from the windows or just reinforce the windows to be extra sure.

And while you are at it, make sure to lock sheds or garages as they can also be good hiding spots for intruders. You can also install security systems on these outdoor spaces for better peace of mind.

Use an in-home safe

Ultimately, it doesn’t hurt to get an in-home safe to store any valuable documents and personal items. Choose a safe that is big enough and heavy enough to deter thieves from running away with it. Consider also the lock options and select which one you feel comfortable using the most, be it manual dial or electronic lock.

At the end of the day, what is important to be able to feel safe and comfortable in your own home, especially if you have just moved in. It’s so much easier to feel just that when you know your house is well-equipped with safety measures.

While having a good security system is good, don’t take for granted too other security steps that you can do.

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