child proof your bathroom

Kid Safety: Pointers for Making Your Bathroom Childproof

When you have a child and you’re going through their bath time, you are sure to have some difficulty getting them to be still. This is made worse by the fact that the bathroom is one of the most unsafe areas in the whole house. They can get themselves hurt just by moving around too much and eventually slipping or bumping into anything. If you want to lessen the trouble for yourself, then you might want to consider these pointers in creating a childproof bathroom.

Fix Issues Immediately

Little problems in the house can become bigger over time if left unchecked, and this also applies to the bathroom. Is the hot water a little too hot lately? Maybe you already need to call a water heater repair service in Orem. Is there a leak that can make the floor slippery? Have it sealed as soon as possible. Solving issues such as these early on will help prevent your child and the rest of the household from getting hurt in the future.

Make the Floor Slip-proof

Slipping is one of the most common causes of injury in the bathroom. Depending on what happens after, one can even die. After all, the usual setup is that of water and tile, which can be slippery if people aren’t careful or aren’t that coordinated with their movement. Because of this, you would need to include some covering on the floor that would prevent it from happening. There are lots of non-slip mats available on the market, so there is no reason for you not to install it.

Keep items out of Reach

Another set of hazards for the children is the various items and chemicals present in the bathroom. As much as possible, keep them at a height where they can’t reach it. For even more protection, you may also install locks that your kid won’t think of opening. Include them in places such as the medicine cabinet and even the toilet. Make a habit of putting away dangerous items as soon as you use them as well. This can minimize the potential threat that your bathroom poses to the household.

Soften Corners

childproof your bathroom

When people slip, they lose control of their bodies for a moment. They can hit various parts of the bathroom, and a few of those said parts have sharp corners. When these hit sensitive parts of the body, such as the head, it can hurt a lot. That definitely also goes for the children that go in and out of the bathroom. Put in guards on those sharp corners to minimize the injury it inflicts. It can save you a lot of trouble.

The bathroom may be one of the riskiest places in the house for a child, but you can do so much to make it safer for them. Make the most of what’s available and include them in your safety measures. A safe bathroom is a happy bathroom, and that makes taking a bath a lot more fun.

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