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Makeover Ideas for Small Kitchens Under a Budget

The kitchen is the part of the house that most people spend time in, and it’s also where the food is stored. The kitchen is used a lot in the house, therefore the room and the appliances could easily look old and used. An upgrade made to the kitchen every now and then is something that needs to be done – both for the looks of the kitchen, and the upgrade on the appliances. However, doing a makeover under a budget could be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few ways that could help you do that:

Repaint the Kitchen Walls, Cabinets & Drawers

One of the simplest remodeling that you could do for your kitchen would be re-painting the room. It is such a simple step but it could bring out the biggest changes. Now, even if it does cost less to do some painting in your kitchen, it still requires a ton of effort to get it done. Doing a paint job doesn’t necessarily have to include repainting the entire walls, even just re-painting your old kitchen cabinets in Utah could already accentuate some pleasant changes in the kitchen. However, if you really want to make some major changes (but want to spend less), repainting the walls would be a great choice to do despite the effort. If you’re feeling extra experimental, you can switch the paint colors of the wall to a brighter one, then match them perfectly with vivid colors on the cabinets and drawers, for the colors to pop out.

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Update Kitchen Cabinets and Replace Old Fixtures

Contrary to popular belief, updating your kitchen hardware and your cabinets actually costs less than expected. For instance, the simple upgrade of the cabinet work to vintage glass, bronze or matte colors, can instantly make your cabinets look brand new. Painting is one trick, but to do an actual upgrade without too much work but still under the budget could also work for your kitchen hardware and cabinetry. You can also do an upgrade on your sink faucets – both for aesthetic purposes and also for its function. Since this is one of the things that get used a lot in the kitchen, it’s possible that it could easily be worn out. Sink faucets come in different types, and, nowadays, there are types that conserve water compared to the traditional ones, yet there’s very little difference – if none – with the price range. You can also have your kitchen countertops fixed or laminated if they have light scratches on them, instead of completely replacing them with new ones.

Make Use of Your Kitchen Storage Wisely (Add/Upgrade Worktops)

Over the years of using the kitchen, it’s normal to have things hoarded and accumulated in the kitchen area. Sometimes, when the cupboards get an overload, they take up space on countertops or tables, which may not only affect the amount of space available for your kitchen, but it could also hurt the organization and look of your kitchen. Clean up your kitchen storage, like throwing unused and forgotten ingredients that have expired, or removing unused kitchen utensils that have been in stock for too long. Instead, you can have them displayed and hanging within the area of the sink faucet if the utensils have got nowhere to be placed. This way, you could get creative with adding worktops in your kitchen which could drastically change your kitchen’s look.

There are several ways and tricks to have your kitchen upgraded, even when you’re on a budget. It just takes creativity and knowing how to prioritize the space and design in the kitchen.

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