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Moving On After Moving In: A Guide to Getting Settled

The last of your things have been taken from the moving truck, you’ve inspected the house, and now you’re simply waiting for the pizza delivery for dinner. Now that you’ve moved into your new home, you might think that the hardest part is over. But is it?

Some people have a difficult time settling in after a major move. It’s easy to feel homesick and as if there’s no place like your old home. If these feelings are familiar to you, know that it’s completely understandable. A part of settling into a new place is knowing your neighbors and having a routine, which are things that take time.

So, if you’re eager to feel settled as soon as possible, doing the following things might help:

1. Set up your bedroom as soon as possible

Move-in day is sure to be draining, no matter how well you’ve prepared for it. For a lot of people, the bedroom is their retreat from the rest of the world and, after a tiring day, you will desperately need a decent night’s sleep. That is why unpacking your bedroom essentials is a priority.

What’s more, having a familiar, comfortable space to rest can reduce the stress of moving. So, set up your mattress, put on fresh bamboo sheets, and fluff your pillows. You’ll thank yourself the next day when you wake up feeling infinitely more comfortable and well-rested.

2. Unpack the rest of your things immediately

The easiest way to make your home feel like home is to fill it with your things. When you’re surrounded by the familiarity of your belongings, you can minimize the unfamiliar feeling of your new home. You’ll also get used to the new placement of your household items the sooner you unpack and set them up.

3. Get connected with your neighbors and your neighborhood

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Once you’re done unpacking, it might seem like you’ve been cooped up inside for too long. One way to alleviate this feeling is to go exploring around the neighborhood. You can also hit two birds with one stone by using this time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors.

First off, exploring your neighborhood will get you acquainted with its key areas, such as the grocery, the park, or the bank. And, of course, getting to know your neighbors is handy for several reasons. First off, you may have someone to show you all the spots you need to know around town. If you become friends with them, even better. Establishing a relationship with the people around you can help you feel more involved in the community, leading to you feeling more settled in your new residence.

4. Join a common-interest support network

Are you a reader? Register for a library card and consider joining a book club. Do you have kids? Join mommy and me classes or bring your kids to the park where you can meet other parents. Getting to know other people based on your common interests can help you make friends and get acquainted with your neighborhood easier.

Keep in mind, though, that moving and calling another place home can be a daunting endeavor. It’s completely normal if you don’t adjust and feel settled in right away. Give yourself some slack. You’ll feel settled soon enough.

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