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The Mystery of the Bridezilla

He just popped the question. Once the euphoria dies, the wedding planning stress kicks in. But you can avoid the nuptial madness with the help of your loved ones. Does this sound interesting?

Stress is unavoidable. With some research, you can expertly manage your anxieties. The information that you will gather in your inquiry will help you do this.

Before you dive into this happy madness, you have to take a deep breath. This quiet break will give you that much-needed calm before the storm. Now, you can start this wonderful task.

Ask for Help

You must ask for help. When you ask for one, it does not only mean the wedding planner’s professional services. But you must also ask for help from family and friends.

Martha Stewart said in an article that you can ask for help from your relatives. But she added that you have to be reasonable with such tasks. She even mentioned that you could designate jobs for the little ones.

Doing this will lessen your stress levels. Asking for their help will also give you a fresh perspective on things. Although they will give you unsolicited advice, you may think it through before you completely discard it. They might have the solution to some of the problems that popped up during the wedding preparation.

Another benefit that you can gain by asking for help from your family is that they can provide the moral support that you need. They are family, after all. They will be there for you through thick or thin.

Mini Spa Breaks


You certainly want to look your best during your big day. You can achieve that perfect glow by regularly going to the spa or salon. You might be asking how you can manage to do that when you can barely sit because of all the preparations.

Scheduling weekly or bi-monthly spa or salon visits will help you maintain that glow. This will be a great way to end an incredibly stressful week.

It does not necessarily have to be a visit to the spa. You can visit your favorite salon to have your nails done or try a new salon treatment such as this T bar hair color.

You must be careful when trying out a new look. You must do this little beauty experiment months before the said date. This way, if you do not like the look, then you still have time to remedy it.

If you are extra stressed, you can grab your favorite face mask, apply it to your skin, and chill. What is great about this is that you can do this in the middle of the week at no extra cost.

Prepare a Plan B

Unknown to most, stress can also be a good thing. But it is no longer good if you allow anxiety to control your life.

This is why you should not let things that are beyond your control to ruin your day. With that said, you must have a Plan B. You must have a contingency plan to prevent any catastrophe on your big day. Having such knowledge will give you some semblance of peace.

A good example would be the weather. You may have prepared for an outdoor event, but you must plan for an indoor gathering. Come what may, you will have your perfect day.

Avoid the Drama

The wedding preparation is already stressful. You do not have to add family or bridesmaids’ drama. You must politely remind your entourage that it is your day.

You can avoid conflict by graciously accommodating requests. This favor may come in the form of food options such as gluten-free meals. If some guests are asking for this, you should cater to it. Doing this will lessen the drama.

You must remember that this is your day. It’s all about you and your better half. If needed, you must remind your entourage and your guests to behave.

Again, your wedding day is about you. Everyone’s eyes will be on you. It will not do any good if you are visibly stressed.

Before such a thing happens, you must take a break. If you are at a breaking point, you should temporarily forget about the wedding preparations and think about yourself.

You should enjoy the time you spend preparing for your wedding as much as you enjoy the day itself. You should not allow the wedding preparations to get in between you and your betrothed. You must remember that your love is the real reason for the celebration.

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