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Never Mess Up a First Date Again

A lot of people tend to mess up their first dates, even when trying to get a second one. Rather than get hung up on the perfect date, take it easy and enjoy the day.

It takes guts and a considerable amount of effort to ask your crush out on a date. That’s one of the reasons first dates often become a tall order. Stakes are high because you want to make a positive first impression and hopefully land a second date from your crush.

Naturally, you want to pick a nice restaurant — one that probably serves delicious Korean food.

Enjoying a delicious meal in a warm and welcoming atmosphere not only makes for a good conversation, but also wins over your date. If you’re careful enough with your choice of eatery, the food will do most of the heavy lifting. The second determinant of whether you merit a second date hinges on how you conduct yourself during the date.

Keep an eye on Murphy’s law

As the stakes are high, you’re likely to be highly wound up. If Murphy’s law was to come into play, you’re likely to ruin the date. How you react to an unexpected situation paints a clear picture of your personality.

For instance, the wait staff might take too long to fill your order. Your reaction to such inconvenience reveals more about your character than an entire evening’s worth of conversation. If you were to fly into a fit of anger and hand the wait staff an Oscar-worthy dress down, there won’t be a second date.

You might think that you’re looking out for your date, but that would be wrong. It shows you to be short-tempered and prone to anger outbursts. The thought of being on the receiving end of such a tirade would have your date scampering.

Do your homework


If you’re asking someone out on a date, the least you can do is take them out to a familiar eatery. You certainly don’t want to thumb through a menu in a new restaurant shell-shocked by the food prices or menu items. If looking to try out a new place, give it a trial run to get a feel of the place, the ambience, and food offerings.

At least you can advise your date to dress appropriately or what is likely to be on the menu. Be sure to find out what kinds of food they enjoy so you can find a place that caters to both your food preferences. Such thoughtfulness will not only earn you brownie points and a second date, but also a place in your date’s life as well.

If the food menu offering turns out to be too delicious that you end up racking up a huge bill, be ready to strike a conversation about the bill. Don’t get stuck with a huge tab if you can’t afford it. Remember, if your date is unwilling to chip even after taking part in the meal, you might want to rethink a second date.

The outcome of the first date largely determines if there’s going to be a second one. That makes the first date a slippery slope for most people. However, planning out the date well in advance and picking a beautiful eating place can help you make a great impression on your date.

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