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How You Can Organize the Best Beach Party to Remember

Having sand between your toes and seeing waves crashing on the shores are amazing things to experience. Going to the beach is a common way to relax and have fun for many people. The beach itself can provide you with tons of amazing therapeutic benefits, from helping your body heal through detoxification to promoting physical workout with swimming.

If you and your loved ones are beach lovers, you shouldn’t miss throwing a great beach party. Whether it’s for your kid’s birthday, a wedding, or just a family reunion, the beach is an amazing idea. Do you want to know how you can throw a memorable beach party? Below are a few tips that you can follow.

  1. Pick the perfect location

The most important part of the event is the location. Find the best tropical beach location you can get and book it! However, the size and looks of the venue shouldn’t always be the top priorities. If you’re throwing a huge event, accessibility must be your focus. Don’t lose the excitement of you and your guests by choosing a location that requires going through scrubland or driving for several hours. Start searching for a venue several weeks in advance, and don’t forget to check if you’ll need to acquire permits.

  1. Don’t focus on the theme

This might not be a tip you usually hear, but when it comes to beach parties, themes are rarely necessary. In most cases, themed beach parties include unattractive swimwear or silly plastic palm trees. As long as they are carefully planned and organized, a beach party is best as is.

The beach, your location, will take care of the amazing scenery and great ambiance. You can enhance it with additional decorations for some personalization. Nonetheless, you already got the starry sky, the crashing surf, the warm sand, and an amazing shore. If you’re planning to throw the event at night, you can set up tiki torches or fairy lights to up the ambiance and atmosphere of the party.

  1. Organize fun activities

Fun and entertainment are what differentiates a good bash from a great bash. The first thing you should consider is the type of beach party you’re organizing. If you’re going for an adult-only event, you can do quaddleball, tug of war, tidal ball, flick ‘n’ sticks, or crossnet. If you have kids coming into the beach party, games such as cricket, scatch, waboba ball, scavenger hunt, and double pop are amazing options.

If you want to upgrade your beach party, fun event rentals are worth the extra cash. You can rent out bubble balls, parachutes, paddleboards, laser tag, and other water toys for the kids. You can even opt for a photo booth so everyone can get their pictures taken as a remembrance.

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  1. Plan for a yummy menu

A beach party wouldn’t be complete without scrumptious foods and treats for everyone. You can organize a DIY food bar and fill it with simple and classic options such as hot dogs, tacos, and sliders. Pick mains that are easy to prepare. Don’t forget the yummy sides too. Some delicious options to add to your menu include watermelon feta salad, potato salad, and veggie and corn skewers.

And if you’re serving dogs and burgers, don’t forget the chips. If you have kids or people who love sweets, you can get creative by including caramel, bananas, and strawberries. If you need something more fun, you can set up an ice cream bar with tasty cones and toppings. Whatever you want to include in your party menu, be sure to keep it fresh, healthy, and light.

  1. Grab the drinks

Refreshing drinks and the beach go hand in hand, so it’d be a big crime not to serve any. Set up a cool DIY bar with a mix of ingredients for fresh cocktails. You can style the station with starfish decors or sand dollars. Put in some fresh fruit juices and chilled water bottles too. You can also serve season staples such as white wine sangria or margaritas. Make sure to consider your guests to best decide the types of drinks you can serve. Fruits juices are great alternatives for those who don’t want to drink beers or beverages with alcohol.

With a well-planned beach party, you can assure that every invited person will remember how fun or cool your event is. In case you can’t still decide what food and drinks to serve or what games to play, don’t think twice to seek the help of a family member or friend. The more hands on deck, the easier the work will be.

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