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Partying Good: Let’s Talk about Zero-waste Parties

The world is reaching a critical point when climate change is becoming ever more irreversible. Because of this, we should be aware of our wastes, especially during the parties we host. By reducing our plastic waste and garbage in general, we can create a better world for ourselves in the process.

Many experts believe that the effects of climate change are becoming ever more irreversible each passing year. If we want to lessen the drastic effects of climate change, we should start by lessening the wastes we have in our homes and when we throw parties. Here are simple ways we can do that.


Recycling is doing great things for our world. It’s a simple process that almost anybody can do, and you can even implement it during your parties.

Planning to recycle during your party is all about giving your guests the chance to segregate their trash. Have two trash bags ready, one for recyclable plastic trash and the other for non-recyclable trash. By segregating, you can then recycle plastic trash such as plastic bottles. You can use these bottles as a makeshift pot for your plants.

For non-recyclable trash, you can use them as compost for your plants. You can make compost from a recycled trash bin you might have in your home or generally any big enough container that can contain your compost for a couple of days.

Replace Old Cooking Appliances

Old cooking appliances can be one of the main reasons why you’re producing so much waste during your parties. Therefore, it’s important that you replace them when you know they are no longer functioning properly.

For example, you wouldn’t want an old grill doing the cooking for you during a party in your backyard. They are likely to produce more smoke, cook meat unevenly, and require more coal to operate. This leads to more waste during the party. Instead, consider replacing the parts of your grill with authentic Viking barbecue parts. These parts will efficiently help you cook any protein you put under the grill, hence, fully optimizing the coals you use during your party. It will help you save more money in the long run instead of relying on your old grill not to break.

Replacing old cooking appliances can also help you preserve food much better. An old fridge is more likely to turn off in the middle of the night, leading to rotten food tomorrow. That’s a nightmare you don’t want to happen on the day of your party.

Have More Reusable Party Supplies


Forget about the big red cup and other plastics during your party. Instead, go for reusable party supplies! You don’t have to buy them either. You can urge your guests to use glasses you have at home and metal utensils when eating your food instead of paper plates. If you’ve purchased plastic plates, make sure to use them as many times as you can before disposing of them. Reusable party supplies will not only save the environment but save you some money when hosting parties.

Forget About Physical Party Invitations

During this digital age, you should do all your invitations online. Email your guests instead of giving them cards as invitations. Maybe add a video alongside your email to make them feel that it’s personal. You can even make your digital invitations online. Many tools can make your invitations spark, colorful, and maybe even have some memes. It’s an environmentally-friendly way to invite people to your party.

Try to Make Everything From Scratch

Pre-made foods from cooking companies, canned goods, and other ready-to-eat foods produce the kind of waste we don’t want in our parties: plastic. The packaging from these products is already enough to deter most environmentalists from purchasing them, and it should be the main reason you should avoid them during your parties.

Start making everything from scratch. Don’t rely on bottles of mayonnaise or ketchup. You can make those as well, and they can be fairly simple to do. You want to make everything from scratch because you can usually recycle or compost any ingredient you might have used during the process. Furthermore, the finished products tend to be healthier and tastier as well. You’re also more likely to get compliments from your guests. Give it a shot!

The world requires us to make sacrifices, and starting zero-waste parties isn’t that big of a sacrifice. It can even be beneficial for you and your wallet. So learn to recycle the best way you can, start making meals from scratch, and use any reusable party supplies. By doing these things, you can host zero-waste parties in no time.

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