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Preserving Your Jewelry’s Timeless Beauty

Jewelry usually does not come cheap; that is why we should do everything to take care of it. Doing so will help prolong its life and keep it shiny and elegant for many years. After all, wearing beautiful jewelry pieces can enhance your overall look and boost your confidence. There are jewelry stores that sell Salt Lake City gemstones and other jewelry pieces that you will surely love to have.

Caring for your jewelry

All kinds of jewelry pieces need the right amount of care to ensure their shine or luster for many years. Regardless of the type of jewelry you have, there should be no reason not to take care of your jewelry pieces. As mentioned, jewelry does not come cheap; you should take care of it so that it will last for many years.

Taking care of your jewelry does not only involve storing it in a safe location away from burglars. Rather, it also means knowing the right cleaning method so that it stays bright or shiny at all times. Here are some things that you should do if you want to keep your jewelry pieces looking like brand-new all the time.

1. Remove your jewelry when necessary.

Some people tend to wear their jewelry – say, their wedding rings – day and night. However, you might want to give your jewelry some rest, especially when doing certain activities such as gardening, playing sports, or cleaning the house. It will lessen the risk of your jewelry getting scratched or losing its color.

2. Store them in appropriate containers.

Jewelry experts suggest storing your jewelry pieces in a ziplock bag. This will lessen the risk of moisture contact that can affect the quality of the jewelry pieces. Make sure to squeeze out the air inside the bag first before sealing it.

3. Store different pieces of jewelry in separate containers.

Gold jewelry and pearls in a box

Concerning the mentioned tip, it is also essential to keep your jewelry pieces in varying containers and keep them away from one another. For one thing, softer jewelry pieces can be prone to scratches if you place them beside harder jewelry items.

4. Put on jewelry when you’re done.

This means you should put your jewelry pieces once you are done applying make-up and getting dressed. The chemicals from perfume, makeup, and hair products can damage the jewelry’s material. Also, you should not put lotion with your jewelry due to the same reason.

5. Have a jewelry care kit.

Make sure to have a jewelry care kit so that you can clean your pieces when you need them. Store these items in a small container for easier access. Include jewelry cleaners and polish for your silver, gold, and diamond items as well as a soft rush and a chamois cloth. For hard-to-reach areas, you can use a Q-tip and tweezers.

These are some pointers that you should remember for proper jewelry care. After all, jewelry owners want their precious pieces to last for many years and handed down to the next generation to come.

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