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Read This Before Getting Waxed For the First Time

When you've finally decided to try waxing after a long time of contemplation, it would be wise to equip yourself with the right knowledge before heading to a salon. If you're considering DIY waxing, you may want to pause and think again after reading this guide.

Heres some basic information about waxing so that you'd know what to expect before and after.

Why Wax?

If tweezers do the same thing, which removes hair from its roots, then why do you need to endure waxing? Though tweezers pluck the hair from the roots, they don't remove the uppermost layer of dead skin, unlike waxing. Because of this, waxing leaves your skin smoother and the procedure is faster as well.

If you shave instead of pluck, then waxing is the better solution to hair removal. Shaving doesn't give you lasting results and your hair regrows stubby, which is not the best to the touch. You may also get cuts if you're not careful.

Is Waxing Painful?

A common fear about waxing is the pain involved, but waxing experts say there's nothing to worry about. If done right, the procedure can be pain-free and quick. It may sting for the first-time because your hair is still thick, but if you do it regularly, you'd feel lesser pain in the long run.

Some women complain that getting waxed on their period hurts more, and although pain tolerance varies per woman, it's advised to just avoid undergoing the procedure altogether on your red days.

If you're doing it yourself, however, it's not guaranteed that you'd not experience any pain. A bikini wax, for example, involves very delicate skin, which may get infected easily if not prepped properly. The formula of DIY waxing kits may not be for everyone, so you risk getting irritations, redness, and other side effects by using them. It's best to see a professional if you want a safer bikini wax in West Jordan or other places.

Why Let the Pros Do it?

DIY waxing kits may be more affordable, but if you end up on a trip to the ER, then you'd be spending more money than you had planned. Treatments and medications may not come cheap, so it's better to save up and visit a salon.

Waxing products from salons are made of nourishing and high-quality ingredients. Estheticians are trained to use these products correctly and handle your skin carefully. If you're embarrassed, remember that they're like doctors as well — they see your body with a professional eye, so there's nothing to be shy about.

When's the Best Time to Get Waxed?

Your hair should be about as long as a grain of rice before your appointment. Cleanse the area, but skip the body oils and/or lotions. Wear loose clothing and breathable underwear if you're getting a bikini or Brazilian wax. The session may take 20-40 minutes, depending on how much hair you want to be removed and your pain tolerance. It's best to dedicate a considerable amount of time when getting waxed, so you can prepare properly and adjust well after the procedure.

Will It Remove My Hair Permanently in the Long Run?

Waxing has long-term effects, but a few sessions won't be enough to remove body hair permanently. The results typically last for six weeks, and after that, you're good for another session. But even if it does not remove your hair permanently, waxing can make them finer, so in time, your body hair would look less noticeable. But when done regularly for a long period, it can possibly get rid of your body hair for good. This is because frequent waxing can weaken the follicles, which can cause the hair to stop growing back.

These said, your fears of waxing should be lifted by now. With qualified and experienced professionals doing it for you, you'd certainly be going home satisfied and wondering why you ever waited this long to get waxed.

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