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Save Money Living in London with these Hacks

London is an expensive city for both locals and tourists. Londoners earn more compared to others living in the UK and those abroad. However, they have to spend more for the same standard of living. Despite all these, there are ways to cut expenses and still live comfortably, even if you are still a student.

Here are ways to save money and reduce expenses while living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Shop for Food Online

Some may not realise it but buying food from convenience stores is slightly more expensive. These extra costs may seem like nothing, but if you add them up over an entire month or year, you are actually spending more for the convenience.

To avoid this added expense, purchase food online. Buy food, drinks and essentials at an online store to save money.

Affordable Accommodation

Cheap student accommodation in London is difficult to find, but it is possible. If you are one, an option to consider is staying in a dorm. This allows you to reduce rent expenses and maybe even make new friends.

Some of these hostels and dorms are within university districts, making them a good option for both foreign and local students. After studying, there are numerous cafes, bars and restaurants to spend the night in.

Early Bird Tickets

If you are fond of events, concerts and others, save money by getting early bird tickets. Some events release tickets months before the actual date. Buy these if you are sure you can go doing so saves you a lot of money.

The same applies to aeroplane tickets, booking weeks or months ahead provides huge discounts.

Look for Deals

Get more discounts for various items and events by checking out different websites. Some sites provide members with access to deals for restaurants, bars, food, delivery services and others. These promotions may seem marginal, but if you add them, you will save more money.

The extra savings enables you to spend more on the things and activities you want.

Change Energy Companies

Energy is one of the biggest expenses Londoners incur. Some do not bother to review the bill and settle for whatever is available. This is a convenient option; however, there are better deals out there that allow you to save more money and reduce expenses.

Compare prices by visiting websites and reading reviews. This enables you to make an informed choice and get more for less.

Apply for a Railcard Discount

An Oystercard provides a convenient way to travel around the city. Get the most out of it by applying railcard discounts. The discount can go as high as 1/3 during off-peak seasons. Go to the nearest station and ask an operator to give you the discount.

Start the Night Cheap

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If you love to bar or pub hop, you might want to start the night at a cheap place then move to others. This money-saving tip allows you to reduce expenses and still have a good night out. By the time you reach an expensive pub or bar, you have had enough drinks to enjoy the company of new and old friends.

London is no doubt an expensive city, but these ways allow you to save money. Lower expenses mean more money to spend on leisure or investments.

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