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Creating a Haven: Preparing to Live Alone for Seniors

Seniors can lead happier lives if they remain in their homes and retain a measure of independence. Many seniors only need regular visits from a home health aide and a few lifestyle changes to keep living by themselves. Mentally, the elderly do better as they live out their golden years if their autonomy is respected as much as possible.

If you find yourself in a situation where your family and friends are worried about you living alone, you should agree to a few lifestyle adaptations. This will relieve their worries while keeping them safe in case of an emergency. You will still get to live in your home and manage your affairs while ensuring that your home remains your haven.

Prevent Falls

Falling can be a serious cause of accidents and injury for senior citizens. Prevent falls by taking measures to make your home safer for you. Move small items off the floor, remove free-placed rugs, and avoid putting tripping hazards like wires in areas where you frequently walk.

Non-slip tiles, mats, and carpet can also help to give you traction on the floor as you move around. Bathrooms are hazardous for falls, so ensure that you get an excellent quality non-slip mat for the bathtub and shower., Guardrails next to the toilet and bathtub are also a great idea and can make it easier on your knees to sit down and get up as well.

Medical Alert

This is especially important if you already have a diagnosed illness that requires swift medical attention. You can get these as a bracelet or a necklace, or a watch-style design. These devices can quickly get you in touch with emergency services or a trusted relative. It is the best way to ensure that you receive care as soon as you need it. The effectiveness of the system will also help you to advocate for living alone even while ill.

Keep Essentials Nearby

Keep a phone charger, batteries, and flashlights with fully charged batteries in every room of the house, including bathrooms. Phone chargers within easy reach will ensure that your phone is never out of charge and make it easy for you to contact people or for them to reach you.

Batteries are always helpful, especially if your flashlights need fresh batteries to work effectively. They can come in handy for any devices you may need to use around the house. It is not always convenient to go to the store when you need them, so keeping an easy-to-reach supply in your home is essential.

Flashlights are essential in case of emergency for helping you to navigate. Things can look different in the dark. A flashlight can make the difference between being trapped in a room till the lights come back or changing the fuse yourself.

Start a Neighborhood Group

Become better acquainted with your neighbors and invite any within your age group to take a walk with you every evening. This will give you some much-needed exercise, an opportunity to socialize and stay active, as well as set a routine that will alert them to any issues if it is disrupted.

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Update Contacts

Keep a laminated list of your important contacts in the open or near your landline. This will be a great help to you during a time of crisis to call the right people. Label them for the contacts according to their relationship with you. Your doctors and care workers must be labeled separately from your family to ensure that the right people are called in the correct order. Also, make a note of emergency numbers, the non-emergency information line, your preferred ambulance company, etc.

Test Alarms Regularly

Every few months, set up a check to ensure that all your alarms are working perfectly. This includes your medical alert, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarm, and your safe exit plan in case of emergency.

Possess the Right Keys

Avoid using too many keys within your home. Keep valuable locked in a safe space or at a bank. Reducing the number of keys you have to go through to get to an item lowers anxiety and stress on your to remember. Use a hidden location on your porch to keep an emergency key to your door and update your designated family member and your medical alert company. This will ensure that they can reach you in an emergency.

Secure Possible Entryways

You can use a latch on your doors and keep your windows sealed. A closed latch is easier for emergency services to break through in an emergency after they have used the hidden key to open the door. If a burglar tries to enter the house, the time they take with the latch will give you the chance to alert your emergency contacts and call the police.

Living alone as a senior doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. With the proper measures, you can be by yourself without making your loved ones worry about you.

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