Six Ways to Give Your Porch a Makeover

Summer is fast approaching, and your porch is an excellent outdoor living space where you can chill and entertain guests. Have you been putting up your porch makeover project for quite some time now? Then now is the perfect time to do it. Depending on your budget, you can take on a porch improvement project that can boost your home’s appeal and value. The following are makeover ideas that you can try to make your porch ready for summer:

Fix the sinking porch

No matter how good your porch looks, if the area itself is already sinking, then it can affect its overall appeal. So the best way to start is by leveling the ground. This will ensure that the area is a safe and comfortable place to stay in. Check your porch for any signs of damage, especially cracks or sinking areas. Invest in professional porch repair in Utah, and you can enjoy fast and cost-effective service in no time.

Paint it up

Painting your porch is a good way to give it a nice pop of color and get rid of its dull appearance. You can choose to paint the floor alone or give its ceiling a new splash of paint. Do you want to paint both your ceiling and floor? Then choose two coordinating colors for that extra gorgeous effect.

Add comfortable outdoor seating

If you have enough space to add some furniture, then go for outdoor chairs and tables. If the space is fairly small, spread out your seating. Having comfy chairs allows you to turn the tiny porch into an area where you and your family can talk, have your afternoon tea, and entertain guests. Make it functional, and you can even give the home value a boost.

Cool off the space

Summer can make your stay on the porch an uncomfortable experience. So make sure that you get to cool it off by adding a modern ceiling fan or two. Make sure that the fans can reach where the chairs are. This way, your stay will become a more bearable one.

Think about privacy

Turning your porch into a more private space outdoors can make you feel more secure while lounging on your outdoor space. You can choose to add shade to make the place a bit more private. Others would choose fabric curtains as they add a bit of style. If you choose to do this, make sure that you buy water-resistant curtains.

Add a swing


Swings are a fun way to make your porch a more inviting outdoor living space. Even adults would not mind spending a lazy afternoon on a swing. Add some pillows, and you can stay there for a long time reading a book, watching a movie, or even talking to a friend.

Improving your porch does not necessarily require you to break the bank. What you need to keep in mind is that it is an extension of your home. So make sure to treat it as if you are improving a room inside your house. Make it look good, safe, and comfortable, and you’ll get yourself a nice spot where you can enjoy no matter the season.

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