Skin Care Routine Steps for Beginners

Having great skin is one of the struggles of today’s generation. But contrary to popular belief, DNA might play a role in having great skin, but to achieve it and maintain it actually depends on creating an effective skin care routine.

Making it a habit would be difficult – since everyone rarely has the time to get quality sleep and spending time for their own bathroom vanities in New Zealand doing the usual things before going to bed such as brushing your teeth already takes up too much time.

Adding a skin care routine to that list of things to do before going to bed will definitely take up precious time away from your sleeping time. However, people experiencing skin problems, such as oiliness and acne, have become quite common.

Even staying in temperate places in different parts of the world, there’s still a high exposure to dirt and smoke, which are one of the primary causes of getting oily skin. So, maintaining a habit of taking care of your skin every day will be difficult at first, but definitely worth it.

Cleanse Your Face Regularly

One of the three significant steps in any skin care routine is by washing or cleansing your face. Since the first goal of most skin care routines is to make sure the face is free of dirt, so it is crucial that you make it a daily habit always to wash your face.

You wouldn’t also have to worry about choosing the right cleanser, a lot of it is available in different variations in a lot of stores, but you could always select gentle cleansers for beginners.  In a few days, you would be starting to notice some changes in your face – especially the reaction to oiliness, and even if it’s just minor, it will continue to progress if done consistently.

Toning Your Skin

This next step’s goal is to balance your skin complexion. Some people who have established skin care routines have often skipped this step because of harsh reactions towards their skin. But some toners nowadays are crafted to moisturise the skin, keeping it healthy, and some with a formula that provides anti-ageing.

It is also vital that toners are applied right after you’ve used your cleanser. And just like the cleansers, there are different toners meant to be applied for different skin types, so you have to choose wisely or consult with a skincare specialist.

Moisturising Your Skin

woman putting on face moisturizer

After cleansing and toning your skin, it’s time for the skin to be moisturised. Moisturisers are made to make your skin softer and hydrated. This is recommended to be applied at least twice a day, and could still be applied even when you have oily skin.

The moisturiser helps protect your skin against harsh conditions infections, exposure to smoke and dirt, even though naturally you already have glands that secrete oil. They help maintain a protective barrier, adds extra hydration for your skin.

There are other skin care steps that could also be followed, but these three are one of the most important ones. It’s also recommended to follow a few basic steps first, especially if you’re a beginner, before moving on to other complicated products.

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