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Stay in Shape While in Isolation

So you gained weight while at home? You’re not alone. A survey revealed that 61% of U.S. adults experienced undesired weight changes during the pandemic. True, it’s hard to keep the body in shape if you are indoors. The bed seems so tempting. And, the snacks help us cope up with the isolation.

If your jeans don’t fit like they used to, it’s time to get moving. Luckily, there are tons of fun activities that’ll help you lose weight. Below are 5 fitness hobbies to pick up without breaking social distancing. Read on.

Learn New Dance Moves through YouTube

Finding the motivation to get fit is hard. But there are ways to boost your enthusiasm. Moving to the beat of music is one way to go. Remember that K-Pop dance video you can’t keep your eyes off? Or that catchy tune you can’t just shake off? Take advantage of those to get your body moving.

Whether you’re a pro or not, you can learn new dance moves while at home. YouTube offers tons of tutorials from experts themselves. Just go to the site and search for available dance lessons. You can even enroll in online dance classes if you want! Just pick up a genre and see what the web offers.

Stay in Shape through Gardening

Think your yard needs a beauty boost? Gardening is one way to keep you occupied during the pandemic. It’s relaxing and comforting. No wonder the activity became popular amid lockdown.

Aside from the mood factor, it’ll also help you stay active. The digging and pulling will keep your body at work. Plus, it’ll expose you to a daily dose of vitamin D!

If you’re up to join the gardening trend, you can start with easy-to-grow plants. These include sunflowers, marigolds, and zinnias. Spending 30 minutes a day doing yard work is also a good start.

Learn How to Swim in Your Backyard

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Not fond of dirty work? If gardening isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to engage in swimming activities instead. Sure, it’ll require more effort on your part. But it also promises faster results. After all, swimming is already a full-body workout.

Similar to gardening, swimming is also a way to manage your stress. It’ll keep you fit and happy. It’s a high-intensity activity. Naturally, your brain will release happy hormones as a response.

If you have a nice spot in your yard, you can convert it into a pool area. Just make sure the area’s elevated and open to the sun. Of course, you can construct your DIY swimming pool. But some professional builders can give you a customized pool that suits your taste.

Turn House Chores into a Workout

Got a lot of cleaning to do? As people spend more time at home, houses are likely to get messier. Laundry clothes will pile up faster. Kitchen plates will flood the sink. Before your mom starts bickering, it’s best to take the initiative. After all, cleaning will help you in more ways than one.

Aside from the neat factor, housework provides many benefits. For people wanting to lose weight, it can count as a workout. Mopping the floor, for instance, is enough to exercise your legs and arms. The same is true when you’re cleaning the windows. You’ll need to stretch your arms and get your body moving. Washing your car is also a nice way to stay on your feet.

Other house chores that can help you burn calories include raking the leaves and vacuuming the carpets.

Improve Your Interior with Woodworking

Think your cabinet needs a retouch? Noticing some broken boards? Woodworking is a nice way to improve your interior. And it’s also a good form of exercise.

Similar to the other hobbies on our list, woodworking is good for your mind and body. It’ll help reduce your stress. Plus, it’ll keep your body moving. You can even tone your muscles by lifting and carrying heavy loads of wood. And you can improve mental sharpness by knowing where to cut and design.

It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience or not. There are available woodworking classes online. You’ll only need the basic tools and a dose of creativity to start.

Ready to get back in shape? Reclaim your old body with these 5 hobbies without breaking the health protocols. With most gyms and parks closed, there’s no better place to stay than at home.

Which of these hobbies do you want to try? Start your journey to fitness with these fun activities today!

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