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Styles for End Tables

Most property owners nowadays are intent on getting a lot of free space in their interiors. To this end, most interiors now have multifunctional pieces. This negates the need for several furniture pieces to handle different functions, thus leaving you with more floor space. The other option to maximize your free space is opting for pieces with clean lines. These pieces create an illusion of more space and also have less of a footprint.

One such multi-functional piece is a dining bench from a Singapore-based store. This takes the place of traditional high-backed chairs that will obstruct light flow in your interiors and make your space look cramped. The benches will also accommodate more people compared to conventional dining chairs.  Other than benches, end tables can become the unsung heroes of your space. They can be used as décor elements or for the placement of different items in your living room, hallway, and bedroom. The choice of an end table might, for some, seem like a no-brainer. Even so, there are multiple types of end tables categorized according to different elements that might be confusing. The following are the style alternatives for your end table.


This is often made of wood and has a homely feel, elegant look, and sturdy legs. It makes a good option for accenting modern and transitional interior designs.  The wood used on most traditional end tables is antique and thus quite delicate. If you opt for these in your interiors, get coasters for the placement of different items to minimize the chances of damaging the tables’ wood.


Most people assume that modern and contemporary designs refer to the same thing. However, contemporary designs are the current trendy ones, while modern designs have been in existence since the 1950s. Contemporary end tables often have bold accents and a sleek feel. They are made of wood or metal in shiny finishes. At times, they can even be made with both materials. If you want to exude a stylish and unique look, contemporary end tables will be the ideal choice.


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This design is still popular even though it’s been around for some time. Modern end tables feature sleek designs, bold color patterns, geometric shapes, and a minimalist look. They are made of glass, metal, or plastic and make a significant design statement. If you settle for modern tables, ensure their designs complement the rest of your décor – and that they are functional, of course.


The rustic design features new furniture and decorations that have a distressed or weathered texture. Most rustic end tables have metal accents and are made of light-colored wood. They might also have exposed edges, wood markings, and rough edges to generate a barn-like look. In living rooms, rustic end tables will introduce a cozy and homely feel.

End tables in the above style alternatives come in square, round, rectangular, and triangular shapes. Triangular tables fit perfectly into corners where they can make a comfortable reading nook while square and rectangular end tables suffice for those looking for a lot of surface space. Round end tables, on the other hand, are the best ones for softening straight furniture lines.

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