Tailoring a Skincare Routine Perfect for Your Pandemic Setup

There’s no doubt that the pandemic is incredibly stressful for everyone. Due to the several challenges it has, it’s easy to indulge and become lenient on yourself. This pandemic is a whole new situation, after all. You surely deserve to be spoiled and pampered, but this does not involve casting aside routines that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At home, your environment is less damaging for your skin than outdoors. When you stay indoors, you’re safe from pollution and other skin-harming elements. But you cannot entirely evade skin damage even in indoor environments. If you’re experiencing breakouts or notice that your skin is losing its luster, creating a new routine suitable for an indoor lifestyle is perfect for you.

Cleanse Day and Night

It’s easy to forget that you also need to wash your face after a long slumber, especially when you no longer have to leave home for work. But morning and night cleansing are essential to wash off the creams and serums you have left overnight. In addition, you need to prepare your skin for a fresh mask in the evenings. Cleansing is necessary because it helps your skin breathe and remove bacteria that may cause breakouts.


As with the rest of your body, the skin on your face creates new cells to replace old ones every thirty days or so, leaving you with dead skin. You can wait for it to shed naturally, but your skin might look dull and dry if you don’t intervene. It would be best if you had a gentle exfoliant to get a natural glow. But make sure that you don’t over-exfoliate, or else you’ll draw unnecessary skin problems.

Apply sunscreen

Even though you don’t go out as much, you still expose your skin to harmful UV rays. But this time, it’s not from the sun but your electronics. Ultraviolet rays cause premature skin aging. Seeing that you’re in front of a computer for several hours, you need to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen on your face and neck as protection.


If you do not have a humidifier at home, you expose your skin to different indoor temperatures that can cause it to be either oily or dry. Skin dryness is a brutal enemy; it can lead to bright red rashes and flaking. To ensure that you’re moisturizing correctly, apply moisturizer within two minutes of exiting your bath or finishing your cleansing routine. When choosing a moisturizer, you need to closely observe your skin to determine whether you need a cream or water-based one. Plus, you should select trustworthy skincare products that are clean and effective to be safe.

Use Creams and Serums

Skincare routines may vary for different skin types, but all have a universal goal: maintaining a youthful glow as long as possible. Exfoliants and facial cleansers are available; you can rid your face of bacteria. But creams and serums exist to soothe your skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

holding a glass of water

Face products can help you achieve clear and healthy skin. But if you want a glow that comes from the inside, you need to drink plenty of water to improve your blood circulation. Given your work-from-home situation, you might find yourself too engrossed in your tasks that you often forget to hydrate. This is the issue you ought to eliminate if you wish to get effortlessly healthy skin. When you drink enough water, you flush out toxins and enhance your blood flow, helping it deliver nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells.

Do Facial Massages

Another way to improve your blood circulation is by performing facial massages. Facial massages are easy to do. You can create circular motions when washing your face or applying your creams. You can also use gua sha and a face roller to get more benefits, like lymphatic drainage and an instant facelift.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Since you no longer have to wake up extra early to prepare to go to work, you can have more time to sleep in before you start your shift. Late nights and few hours of sleep are one of the leading causes of dull-looking skin. Sleep is essential not only for your mind but also for your skin. When you get your beauty rest, you give your skin the time it needs to recuperate from the day’s stresses.

Stay Fit and Eat Healthily

Skin products are beneficial in keeping your skin in excellent condition, but they can only go several layers deep into your skin. For a complete and overall glow, you need to do your part by eating nutritious food and getting regular exercise. As emphasized above, good blood circulation assists nutrients and oxygen in reaching skin cells. There’s no other excellent way to get your blood moving than a good workout. Eating fruits and vegetables is also helpful since you give yourself a natural source of vitamins D, C, E, and K.

Don’t let go of your routine just because you’re home all the time. By sticking to healthy practices, you can achieve youthful-looking skin even amidst stressful times.

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