The Big Effects of Small Pleasures

The world at the moment is insanely fast-paced, and it is an ambitious one, too. Thus, people are always stressed. Also, pleasure equates to a grand vacation or dining out at a chic restaurant. People forget to appreciate simple pleasures.

Being mindful of these small things makes a big difference. Many things can be counted as simple pleasures. But here are some that you might want to practice, take notice of, or be grateful for:

A Hot Shower

Has it been a long day? Proper installation of an excellent water heater in your Salt Lake City home will help. Step into the shower and feel the warm water cascade down your body. Its heat will help sooth the knots in those tight and exhausted muscles. Do not be in a hurry. Be in the moment and enjoy it. You are even free to belt out your favorite song if you wish. You will come out rejuvenated and ready to have a quiet time or a good sleep.

A Good Stretch

How do you start your day? Do you bounce off your bed in a mad rush to get ready? Some open their eyes and reach for their phones. When was the last time you sat up on the bed and had a good long stretch? This is a small luxury that you can give your body. Do not hasten it to wake up. Feel every bit of you come alive as you wiggle your way out of your bed.

An Item Off the To-do List

Your to-do list is not there to torture you. Some people put off writing one because they find it too daunting. But having one will later give you the joy of crossing off items one by one. A handwritten one is still the best. Feel the sense of accomplishment as you feel the rough tip of your pen or pencil over the paper as you cross off an item. This small thing serves as your self-affirmation.

A Tight Hug


Have you received a GIF lately showing a virtual hug? It might be comforting in a way. But when was the last time you engaged in a warm hug in person? Go ahead and find a family member or a dear friend. They must be willing to receive a hug and give it back, of course. A tight embrace is good for you in so many ways. You will see the difference after engaging in a good, long one.

The Comfort of Pets

Pets are one of the most wonderful blessings in the world. They give you unconditional love and loyalty. For you to overlook this fact is such a waste. Cats and dogs, in particular, are very therapeutic. Have you been neglecting your pet lately? Spend some time with them. Play with them and be goofy with them. If you still do not have a pet, consider having one.

Being One with Nature

Going out in nature does not mean big outings. Stepping out of your house and feeling all the elements of nature counts, too. Bask in the warmth of the sunshine. Inhale the smell of fresh grass. Even the shifting of clouds can lift your moods. Something is soothing about communing with nature. You do not have to make a special stop for this. You only have to be mindful of your surroundings to appreciate them.

Life is not that easy. But how you perceive it makes the difference. By indulging in simple pleasures, you practice gratitude. Also, you add some joy to your world every single day.

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