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The Simple and Effective Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

Your car is an expensive investment and it is understandable that you want to protect it at all costs. But how should you take care of your precious ride so that it will continue to look good and perform at its optimum? Here are some ways to do its maintenance properly:

Protect Your Car from the Elements

Being exposed to outdoor elements such as the sun, rain, wind, snow, and even hail can damage the exterior of your car. The most obvious way to protect it from the constantly changing weather is a garage. If you do not have the budget, however, you can get a carport, which is easier and much cheaper to construct than garages. There are many services that will install carports in Brisbane and across Australia so you have nothing to worry about finding one.

Read the Manual

Especially if you are a new driver, do not let the manual sit somewhere to collect dust. Read it and take note of the recommended maintenance schedule. If your vehicle is brand new, follow the break-in instructions religiously. Cars should routinely undergo oil changes, transmission fluid replacement, tire rotations, and others. With proper maintenance, you will be able to prevent any expensive repairs and replacement any time soon.

Start Slow

After sitting still inside your garage or carport overnight, your car would need a little bit of time before it is ready to hit the road. The motor oil, which lubricates parts of the engine, cools and sinks to the bottom when not in use. When the engine starts, the oil pump distributes the motor oil throughout the engine, but this does not happen instantly.

Instead of revving immediately to the highway to beat the morning rush, let your car sit idle for up to 60 seconds after you turn on the engine. However, if you have to go, you should start slow. Cold starts will cause the engine to wear out immediately. Similarly, avoid making short trips if you can to avoid driving without giving your vehicle time to warm up. Plan to accomplish all your tasks in one morning or afternoon. This will also save fuel and, therefore, money.

Keep Weight Off

The heavier the vehicle is, the harder the engine, transmission breaks, and suspension have to work. While cars are designed to accommodate the extra weight, causing strain would cause it to degrade quicker. During your daily drive, remove unnecessary equipment that may weigh down the vehicle. Bring only the essentials.

Be Easy on the Road

Your driving habits can also affect the lifespan of your car. Pay attention to how you are driving. Bad habits such as hard stopping and accelerating after a stop will immediately cause your vehicle to wear out.

Clean Your Car

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An obvious trick to keep your vehicle looking and performing like you just purchased it yesterday is to regularly clean it from inside out. Wash your car to remove contaminants that may cause corrosion. Stuff like sap and road tar can quickly ruin your paint job. Waxing the exterior will prevent rust and other blemishes, keeping your car look shiny for a long time. The interior also needs to be cleaned. It will not only save you from embarrassing situations, but a clean interior will also make driving a lot more pleasurable.

Like other things, proper maintenance will lengthen your car’s lifespan and prevent any damage that would need costly repairs. Moreover, making sure that your car is working properly will keep you safe while on the road.

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