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The Simple Ways to Burglarproof Your Home

Burglars are always in the prowl, looking for a home with inadequate security measures. Luckily, you can make your home impenetrable with some relatively simple security measures.

A home is a refuge, a safe place where you get to escape the rest of the world for the night. It’s a highly personal space where you get to decide who gains access. With the help of a leading door supplier in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria, you could have better control of your living space.

A dear friend at the door? Come right in. A shady-looking character? Don’t even bother opening the door.

You also want to keep out uninvited characters who might want to force their way into your home. One powerful kick shouldn’t be enough to grant criminal element access into your home. In addition to installing a secure front door, here are some proven ways to improve your home security.

Choose your locks carefully

Burglars are a cautious bunch who carefully stakes a home before moving in for the kill.  In most cases, they will case the house to assess the security measures in place, including the locks on the door. Sometimes the locks on the doors make it super easy to break into a home.

Knob locks make an excellent choice for exterior doors, especially when coupled with deadbolts. However, most people make the mistake of installing the locks next to a window panel, ruining what would be otherwise a secure door. A prowling burglar only needs to break glass before reaching in to turn the knob and working free the deadbolt.

Mortice locks make a better choice for your main doors than such knob locks. These require a key to open the door, even from the inside, and use a sturdy bolt that projects into the door jamb. As such, they make a better fit if your door has a window panel next to the locking mechanism. However, you must remove the keys from the door when locking it from the inside.

Embrace technology

Evolving technology means you can secure your home without splurging thousands of dollars for a home security system. Home burglars are risk-averse individuals who will gladly give your home a wide berth if they notice that you have an alarm system. Coupling such a system with motion-activated lights highly increases its efficiency.

If you work for long hours, be sure to install smart home technology that gives you control over the curtains, lighting system, and stereo system. That way, you can draw and close the curtains, or turn on the lights and the stereo system even when away. Creating the illusion that someone in the home is enough to deter most home burglars who prefer breaking into an empty house.

You can also install a cheap surveillance system to let you keep an eye from a distance. Dummy cameras are known to work as well. The presence of surveillance cameras is enough to scare away most thieves.

Home burglars are always looking for a quick score and often pick houses with minimal security features. Complementing your exterior doors with additional visible security measures can help deter break-ins. Would-be burglars will gladly skip your home if it increases the likelihood of being discovered, or if it calls for a considerable amount of effort to gain access.

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