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Home Hazards You Should Be Aware Of

Your home should be a safe environment, where you and your family can feel safe and secure. However, there are many factors and elements at play and it’s important to pay attention to them equally. Some of these hazards are relatively easy to resolve, some are best addressed early on, and many can be outright prevented.

And with more people staying at home due to pandemic-related risks outside, we’re exposed to risks at home that we weren’t initially aware of. To guarantee that you’re making your home safe for your family, here’s a quick checklist of risks and hazards to be aware of.

Electrical Dangers

Modern households are chock- full of electrical equipment and other devices that require electrical power. Because of this, houses employ complex wiring systems that can pose a hazard if done incorrectly. Preventing this is as easy as hiring a professional to set up your electrical system correctly. But taking care of it is another matter, as you always need to be vigilant that there aren’t any torn or frayed power cords lying around. Make sure to cover your electrical outlets if there are any children in the house, as they might get curious and unknowingly fidget with it.

Fall Hazards

It might seem rather simple, but injuries due to falling from high places is a very common hazard. And it’s not just a hazard for kids and elders, but also for adults. As a matter of fact, one in five adults who experience a fall end up with head trauma or a broken bone. There are many factors that contribute to falling or slipping hazards, such as slippery floors or stairs, lack of railings, or slipping on foreign objects on the floor. Despite this, falling hazards are relatively preventable. You can start by making sure that your house is clean and free of scattered objects on the floor. Secondly, reinforcing the railings for stairs, loft, or mezzanine helps as their high-risk locations.

Insects and Pests

Pests and insects are other common risks found in households, especially properties nearby a body of water or areas rich with wildlife. Home infestations can be a serious situation to deal with, making preventing or resolving it a top priority. Make sure to clean any crevices or corners, as these are where insects often make their home. Clear out any water deposits that can become breeding grounds, and if it ever gets out of hand, be sure to hire mosquito control professionals. Putting screen doors towards areas filled with shrubberies or trees can help a lot in preventing insects from getting inside your house as well.

Safety and Security

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It’s quite reassuring to have the confidence that your home is safe from break-ins. Apart from choosing the right location and neighborhood for you and your family, setting up a security system can greatly help in warding off burglars or any ill-intentioned individuals from breaking and entering your home. And apart from this, another aspect of safety is the structural integrity of your house. Make sure to check the beams and posts, load-bearing structures, and even the flooring. A poorly built wall might unexpectedly collapse, and an uncured or wrong choice of flooring can cause a slip, trip, or fall if not properly examined.

Dangerous Chemicals and Liquids

When we think about chemical hazards, we often immediately think about cleaning agents. But apart from proper storage, you should also be diligent in using these chemicals properly. A lot of cleaning agents should not be mixed together, so make sure to read the label and instructions of any product that you use when cleaning. Also, note that using more doesn’t automatically make it more effective, it might just be more dangerous than anything. Lastly, make sure to properly ventilate a room you’ve just cleaned with chemicals. Make sure you have the poison control hotline in the unfortunate case of poisoning too.

Get Your House Insured

Of course, prevention is the best cure. However, there are some situations that simply cannot be prevented. In such a situation, the best thing is to come out of it insured. Accidents are unpredictable, and no matter how much we prepare for them, they can happen to anyone. By having insurance, you and your family’s monetary needs will be covered and you can focus on resolving whatever issue you’re currently facing. Receiving financial aid might not reverse a negative situation, but it can help empower you to persist. Get your house insured- you simply won’t regret it.

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