Traveling Solo: Four Dos and Don’ts You Should Always Keep in Mind

Traveling solo allows you to de-stress, unwind, and travel without worrying about anyone else but yourself. You get the chance to do whatever you want at any time you wish to do it. While you have the privacy and independence when going on a trip on your own, traveling solo also has its disadvantages.

According to reports, more than 85% of people who travel solo are women. While this is a good thing that many women are independent enough to travel alone, we cannot deny the fact that solo travelers are more at risk for safety issues. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to improve your safety and make the most out of your travel even if you are a lady on the go.

Tell someone you trust your whereabouts and contact details

Just because you plan on traveling alone does not mean that you should forget about telling a loved one the details of your trip. For safety reasons, tell someone you trust where you will be headed and how they can reach you during your trip. This way, you can keep your loved ones updated, keep them from worrying, and have someone to keep an eye on your home or pets while you are away.

Don’t give out your details while you’re on a solo trip

Let’s say that you plan on visiting Seattle on your own and are already looking for a room to stay in one of the hotels near Seattle Center. Refrain from giving out your travel details to everyone and on social media. Avoid posting where you currently are, what hotel you are staying at, where you plan to head next, and until when your trip will be. This way, you can avoid exposing yourself too much. You can never tell who is planning to do something bad to you, which can put your life in danger or ruin your trip.

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Avoid exchanging your money

If you are heading somewhere where the currency is different from yours, know that you can get in trouble for exchanging money. Not only is it pricey to do the exchange. You can even get tricked into exchanging your hard-earned cash into fake money. It is always best to do the exchange before you go overseas or apply for a credit card that offers no fees for foreign transactions. If you need cash, then do the money exchange at airports or reputable money exchange centers.

Don’t be careless when packing up

Before going on a trip, make sure that you bring clothes that are appropriate in your destination of choice. Dress modestly and accessorize simply to avoid gaining unnecessary attention. If you can, don a fake wedding ring and use a photo of you and your favorite kid as your phone’s wallpaper. The bad guys often take sympathy for married women and those with children. Don’t forget to pack your essentials such as your travel documents, wallet, gadgets, prescription medications, and toiletries.

Women are becoming increasingly independent these days. Not only are they confident in making their own decisions, but they are also adventurous solo travelers who want to explore the world. If you intend to start traveling on your own, don’t simply focus on the perks but also recognize the risks.

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