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Keep Your Deck Flawless with Fire Pit Mats

If you live in a chilly area, chances are, you love cherishing the vibe of a warm fire. While it can feel comfortable and agreeable as you appreciate the glow from the fire, it can also get upsetting to scour away the coal marks from your floors. Getting a fire pit mat will keep such things from further causing damage to your fragile flooring.

What Functions Can Fire Pits Have?


Some models are furnished with metal meshes that can be valuable for barbecuing as well. On the off chance that the model you pick doesn’t, it won’t be difficult to look for one that fits the highest point of your fire pit. There are a few alternatives available, too.

Engaging Surface

Many fire pits have surrounds or tops that allow you to use the surface for drinks and food. With matching cushion covers for your patio, what could be more special than sitting in front of the glow of a popping fire in a comfortable and aesthetic environment?

Open-Air Living Space Accent

Whether the thundering fire is warming your visitors or it’s filling in as an improvised footstool, your fire pit will be a fascinating accent piece in your outside living space. With a wide range of beautiful alternatives accessible, you’re sure to discover a fire pit that will accommodate your engaging style and stylistic theme.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Fire Pit on a Wood Deck

Climate Conditions

  • Do: It is best to use a fire pit on a wood deck during quiet climate conditions. A slight breeze is subtle and will not cause your fire to catch on furniture accidentally.
  • Don’t: Never use your fire pit during windy conditions, particularly on a wooden deck. This puts your house, deck, and different resources in danger since fire can undoubtedly travel when it is blustery outside.

Extra Layers

  • Do: Pour two or three crawls of sand at the lower part of the fire pit before lighting it. Doing so offers more protection and makes an extra layer between the fire and your wood deck.
  • Don’t: Despite having your fire pit on a stand and a heat-safe mat surrounding the outside of your deck, don’t light a fire without setting an extra layer. Additionally, having sand as a layer at the bottom of your pit will delay your fire pit cushion’s quality and adequacy.

Spark Screens

  • Do: Invest in a spark screen for your fire pit for extra assurance against embers. This will keep ashes from accumulating all around and consuming nearby things. Also, it is wise to have a poker instrument accessible so you can control the logs and flares in your open-air fireplace without much of a stretch.
  • Don’t: Avoid having an open fire in your fire pit. As mentioned before, sparks and embers will generally travel, particularly in windy conditions. So, ensure you have the proper embellishments to secure your fire.

Protective Surface

  • Do: Use a fire pit mat for a wooden deck to shield your patio from ash, embers, and gas. These cushions come in various materials, such as metal and stone, to keep the wood on your deck ensured right around your fire pit. Notwithstanding using a mat, consistently use the stand included with the fire pit. Moreover, it’s best not to put a fire bowl directly above it despite having a fire pit mat.
  • Don’t: Never place your fire pit right over a wooden deck. The warmth, ash, and flying sparks can genuinely harm your deck and prompt a hazardous fire.


  • Do: Pick an area that is far from any combustible things, including your home, overhangs, or furnishings. Your fire pit ought to, in any event, be 10 feet (3.05 m) from your home and other items as a general rule.
  • Don’t: Avoid putting your fire pit right next to anything that can burst into flames without much of a stretch. Even if it might appear as though it is far enough, consistently measure and make sure that the fire is 10 feet (3.05 m) from anything combustible. Remember that the fire in your pit can travel far and may place your furniture and home in more danger during windy days.

Final Thoughts

Everybody loves the glow and comfort we get from our outside fire pits. Every individual who knows the magnificence of fire is likewise mindful of how damaging it may be, particularly when mishandled. The fire pit heat can harm your grass or deck if additional safeguards aren’t taken. This is why other than your fire pit, you ought to get a deck defender or fire pit mat to keep your wooden deck or flawless grass from getting heat harmed. That way, you can enjoy and relax as you spend time by the fire.

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