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Walnut worktops with style and character

To choose a Walnut worktop for your kitchen in the UK is to go with a timeless and beloved piece of art that is both uniquely beautiful and highly functional. One of the most characteristic timber’s on the market, walnut offers customers a chance to have a kitchen countertop that is not only a great surface to work on but a wonderful talking piece, with its deep colour and wavy patterns, homeowners can make a bold statement with one of these unique custom designs that set their kitchen apart from other modern homes.


As a gorgeous hardwood surface, customers will be hard-pressed to find something with more longevity and better character than walnut, while oak is certainly considered to be of higher density there is no match for the unique use of walnut tree roots in these worktops and when not making comparisons to other timbers, Walnut can certainly stand the test of time when it comes to its durability as a work surface. Customers don’t get wooden countertops simply as a design feature in their kitchens, anyone looking at getting hardwood counters knows that they are doing it for an appealing and long-lasting workspace.

A piece of art

The walnut tree itself is an unique and interesting artwork produce by mother nature, each individual tree can boast a range of colours and patterns throughout its lifetime. A single tree can produce wood that is light in colour on the outside of the trunk but the deeper one looks into a walnut tree trunk the darker the wood becomes. In the industry, this is called heartwood and it is where the unique dark and patterned countertops come from. Walnut is also one of the only timbers where about 80% of its root system is used in creating uniquely patterned countertops as the roots themselves are hard wearing and produce stunning undulating rivers of lines throughout the grain which makes these particular countertops an interesting showpiece in a home.

Hygienic surface

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Maintaining good hygiene while working in the kitchen is of utmost importance for anyone who is handling food and a major part of that hygienic process is the work surface. Wood is a naturally antibacterial surface which makes it safer to use than plastic for example. When combined with the treatment process it goes through before being fitted into a kitchen, it is ideal for any cook.


With hygiene and durability at the forefront of the design of these wooden countertops, their purpose becomes clear; cooking or baking in a home where family and friends gather is what the walnut worktop is all about.

Walnut sustainability

Customers looking at investing in a walnut work surface need to know that these countertops are produced with 100% green electricity, zero waste and most importantly, responsible forestation. The duty and responsibilities that companies in the UK have to the environment does not go unchecked and there is a guarantee that the wood you choose to use in your home is ethically sourced.

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