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What Your Dentist Wants You to Remember About Oral Health

Dental care isn’t just a matter of brushing your teeth every day and hoping for the best. Many might wish it’s that simple, but it’s far more involved than that. Especially if you’re looking to have good teeth, having regular visits to the dentist plays an important role.

It might feel like a drag listening to all the recommendations of the dentists. But let’s face it: their advice is the best advice when it comes to keeping one’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. Below are some of the things your dentists want you to know and want you to follow.

Dentists Aren’t Just Teeth Doctors

While dental care is usually focused on the teeth, that’s not the only thing dentists are concerned with. Dentists are masters of oral health. That includes taking care of the gums, jaws, and even the tongue. They can help with mouth and jaw injuries and even detect extreme cases such as oral cancer. Dentistry is a wide field on its own. It’s best that you also understand that your dentist isn’t just looking at your teeth.

They Know if You’ve Only Started Flossing Recently

Many people might have heard their dentists tell them to floss regularly, but not everyone follows this habit. When you have a dentist appointment scheduled soon, you might feel the need to floss out of the guilt.

But dentists can tell if you’ve only started flossing recently. It’s best to be honest and tell them your actual dental habits, as it can give your dentist the right information to better help you.

Just Because It Looks Fine, Doesn’t Mean It Is

One common reason people don’t visit their dentists regularly is they think their oral health is okay based on how their teeth look. If there aren’t any visible cracks, or they are still white enough, that’s often seen as enough reason not to go to a professional.

Apart from teeth, though, the gums are important to oral health. It’s important that you still commit to your dentist appointment so that any oral health issue can be addressed. This goes especially in the gums, which can go undetected if not seen by a professional.

Pain (Or the Lack of It) Isn’t the Only Factor

Like how people might judge their oral health by how their teeth look, they also see the lack of pain as a sign that they don’t need an appointment. Normally, one might only feel the need to make an appointment if something in their mouth hurts, or worse, if a tooth gets chipped due to decay or external factors.

There are many unseen factors surrounding one’s dental health, ones that only professionals can see. That’s why it’s important to have at least an annual checkup with the dentist.

You Need to Be Devoted to Good Dental Habits


Your dentist will not be with you all the time to check on whether you follow aftercare and other instructions given to you. For instance, some people who had their braces removed and are required to wear retainers tend not to follow their dentist’s instructions. Dentists need to choose the right retainers from dental labs to ensure that their patients can follow the after-care procedures effectively.

Your dentist cares about your oral health and gives you directions for your own good. Not consistently following the directions given to you can cause you more problems in the future. That’s exactly what they want to avoid.

You Can Whiten Your Teeth on Your Own

Yes, over-the-counter teeth whitening products can be as effective as clinical treatments. Even though whitening treatments at dental offices are more concentrated, whitening tips and other products like them have similar active ingredients at a more affordable price. They might not work as fast. But you can try them out for yourself first and see if they work for you before going for a whitening treatment.

Their Job Is Not to Judge You

Finally, remember that your dentist is a professional trained to treat all sorts of oral health issues. People go to them to improve and maintain good oral health.

If you currently have issues with your teeth, gums, or anything concerning your oral health, do not hesitate or feel embarrassed to call your dentist. It’s their job, and think about it: they’ve most likely seen far worse. They won’t judge you for your bad decisions or if it’s your first time visiting. They are professionals, and they’ll help you with your dental problems so that your oral health will improve.

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