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Workstations Boost: Well-Being in the Workplace

The work environment is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to job performance. Depending on its state, a workplace has the capability of driving up the rate of performance or hurting it. This is especially true with office-based careers, where work environment refers to not only the office as a whole, but the designated workstations.

When it comes to companies in busy cities like Sydney, office workstations should encourage employees’ wellbeing and productivity. This can be done in a number of cost-efficient ways, some of which are listed here.

Introduce Nature

Bridging the outdoors to office workstations through the use of small indoor plants can do wonders for your employees. First, plants help improve the air quality around the stations, boosting immunity and reducing sick days in your team.

There are plants that naturally purify the air and can thrive in air conditioned spaces with low light. These plants are low maintenance, although it is important to water and sun them occasionally.

Aside from oxygenising your workstations, indoor plants can help relieve stress. They’re known for their calming effect and other beneficial properties, like boosting focus and mood, creating a sense of calm and improving productivity on the overall.


In the workplace, every employee is unique not only for what skills bring to the table, but also for what makes them tick as a person. As such, allow your team to personalise their space to an extent.

Give them permission to put framed photos of their family or of their fur babies on their tabletops. Allow them to put their favourite small painting or inspirational quote, or perhaps a small stack of their favourite books.  As long as you have decorating guidelines that your team can observe, in the process, they’d be happy to know that you respect their individuality.

Organise or Get Rid of Clutter

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These days, one of the most counter-productive mistakes a worker can make is keeping clutter on their workstations. This can be anything – from unfiled reports and crumpled papers to an array of personal gadgets. Encourage your employees to keep their desks reasonably organised by providing them with adequate filing cabinets and cubbies.

Phones should be kept in drawer or bags, only to be brought up when absolutely needed. As for other work materials, it’s good to note which ones should be prioritised. The others should be filed neatly until the time comes to work on them. Lastly, any rubbish should go where they belong – in the bin.

Tidying up the work desks will also help to keep them free from dirt and bacteria, preventing your team from catching things like the common cold.  Taking care of our workstations on a daily basis not only keeps things neat; it also helps improve the overall office atmosphere, as well as boost morale.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to create a better, more engaging workplace.  All it takes are a few minor adjustments here and there, which could have big results in the long run.

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